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whether you’re celebrating by chomping some turkey, tofu, or just a delightful glump of cranberries-or participating in the National Day of Mourning, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ❤

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Gem Show and New Work Preview…

Well, I went to the gem show with the intention to restrain myself from buying too many sparkley goods, and have succeeded! Only three new cabs this weekend…

one a beautiful light and white dotted variscite stone, one stunning red fossilized dinosaur bone, and one big fat flashy labradorite…




New goodies for the Gauged folk will hit the shop Wednesday:



New goodies for the main Etsy shop…

mini turquoise drop stackers from the Royston mine. These are perfect for turquoise lovers looking for an everyday ring or something on the less expensive side!

Other new turquoise is a large ring featuring a fantastic natural Nacozari turquoise of  a brilliantly deep blue…

Also coming soon is a new edition to the Romantics Line, for winter…

“The Evergreen Necklace”

featuring a snowy moss agate and two teardrop rainbow moonstone gems. The main pendant is set in a pebbled piece of recycled pure silver…

Lastly is the “Winter Lace” ring, featuring a collector’s slice of Calico Lace Agate with snowflake like orbs in the background.

Keep a look out in the shops on Wednesday!

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“In The Golden Air”…

Well, I have returned and the Etsy shops are back in action. The final batch of “made to order” items purchased while I was away will ship out Monday at the latest. Commissions will be resumed this weekend. For now, a few of the pieces recently completed that will hit the shop Sunday evening…

Men’s Water Feather Ring– featuring a piece of high grade turquoise from the Kingman Mine with pyrite in it that I acquired in Bisbee, Arizona. This lovely has been stamped with feathers like my “Feathered Bands”. A perfect rugged piece for the gents who dig the Southwestern look.

In The Golden Air“, a necklace for the month of October. The quote is from William Cullen Bryant’s poem “October”. This necklace shall be part of the Romantics Line. It features a beautiful crazy lace agate with swirls that look like orange flowers towards the bottom. A green gem and faceted rainbow moonstone follow bronze and silver leaves up the chain. A little oak leaf has been sawed out in the back, to let the beauty of the stone come through….

And, for the Gauged Folks…

its time to gear up for Hallows Eve!

Ruby Saucer Blood Droplet plugs…these little *garnet gemstone* guys are currently made in a 10 gauge, but can be made in any size up to 1/2″…

and of course, skulls aplenty in any gauge size…




Now for some new gemstone and rock goodies, all up for grabs for custom orders:


also, everyone’s favourite: Herkimer Diamonds

and last but grandest, a superb olive coloured natural turquoise from the Crow Springs Mine, a perfect oval size for ring, bracelet or necklace:


Well, thats it for now folks. Thanks for all the patience while I was away. Expect frequent blog posts, NEW Halloween packaging, and plenty of new pieces to celebrate the upcoming Samhain on the way!

in the meantime, I’ll be taking a break from the sweets I’ve been surviving on the past two weeks….maybe…

xxStray Arrow


I have truly been ignoring updating this blog of jewels, life, and any imaginative light bulb moments.

Throughout the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to find time to create new goodies for both Etsy shops-and only just now have some fresh bling to share! Being a “one woman show” not only entails creating and photographing items to list, but commissions (convos, sketches, etc.), packaging-cards, decorating parcels, networking, supplying boutiques, and add to that gem/stone hunting and an actual day job and we get a burnt out Stasia. While both of my shops are not taking on any commissions this month (thank you for your patience!), I have literally spent the whole month *catching up* on commissions and finishing them. Don’t even think about interpreting any of this as complaining! The only things that may be sad here are my fingers. I love personalizing and creating for specific moments. I also love to brainstorm more on all the half finished projects in the corners of my studio. I find the pieces I let sit around in stages the longest always come out the best.

What I am essentially building up here to, is a break. *NOT* a break from my beloved Etsy shops, but a vacation for next month. Between September 3 to the 16th, I will be on retreat in Europe with an artist friend. During this time, *my shops will remain open*. Anything purchased between these dates will ship out Monday September 19th. I will be posting this little reminder on EVERY single one of my listings so there is no confusion, as I know many “laid back” folks like myself occasionally won’t read a full shop announcement, etc. During the vacances, I won’t have constant internet access, so I will answer convos whenever it is possible.

I shall come back relaxed, ambitious, and full of new shapes, colours and concepts floating in my mind. I will also have time to do some concept sketches to build my Romantics Line and start a new line that I’m planning for the near future, called the Atsenhaienton” line, which loosely translates to “the fire still burns” in Mohawk Iroquois (i.e. Kanien’gehaga). For most that don’t know, the word “Mohawk” is actually an Algonquin word meaning “MANEATER”…these tribes didn’t get along much. This jewelry line will be semi rooted in the revival of lesser known Native myths, theories, quotes, etc., and feature stones and gems that either reflect on the history or landscape of the specific myth/concept the jewelry piece is based on. I want to create something that will be cherished, rooted in history, and enjoyed by anyone who appreciates learning and sharing.





Lab Created White Sapphire, 14k Rose Gold Fill and Sterling Stackers:

these lovelies will be made to order in your own size, I currently have 3 sapphires in stock (all roughly 1-1.3 carats)

^Sweet Kings Manassa Turquoise Posts with 14k Gold bezels

^The Holy Dirt Necklace:~

This necklace features a beautiful blue chalcedony teardrop gemstone, a nice clean slice of stalactite, a NATURAL microfaceted Columbian emerald gemstone, and soon some other mini gemstone goodies. It is 80% finished! Chain length to be adjustable. The stalactite rests in a “dirt mound” of PURE, FINE SILVER that has been sanded, oxidized, chemically patinaed, buried, and beaten to literally resemble pebbles. The finish on this is fantastic in person. I love the idea of putting dirt on a pedestal, the primordial goo still exists in us all, and comes out from time to time when we walk outside barefoot, and roll in the leaves. Celebrate it!

^ The Siren Ring:~

This ring features a stunningly deep natural variscite stone from Nevada, Southwest. The patterning looks exactly like thick seafoam in the deepest green oceans pounding each other in a storm. The bezel of this ring is highly polished (Not my usual!) while the back and ring band remain oxidized, sanded and rustic. The patina is protected by a museum quality jeweler’s wax.

Also in mid-production are new WAMPUM earrings. I have gabbed about wampum a lot in earlier posts, I can’t get enough of it.

These are part of the new Atsenhaienton line…:~

featuring mini natural genuine wampum shell beads in sterling jump rings and oxidized chains. On one earring mini sawed out circles are stamped with “WAM” on the other earrings “PUM”. To be added are sawed out silver arrows and my jeweler’s tag on each earring..


6 gauge lapis lazuli (GOOD stuff! not denim lapis) plugs in sterling, and 6 gauge Pilot Mountain Turquoise set in 14k bezels with sterling. These turquoise lovelies are natural, high quality, and have the most BEAUTIFUL water webs…




Columbian microfaceted emeralds, White Buffalo ribbon cut natural Turquoise, and mini Royston Mine Turquoise ribbon cut-matching pair for gauges! These would work for anything 10 gauge-0 gauge, or anything 00 gauge and up with a border or design around them.



xx Stray Arrow

Glories of Couture Shtuff from ToryNovaCouture and New Turquoise!

Recently, my friend and fellow artist Tory Novikova of Tory Nova Couture released a fashion line with many unique and wonderful items. I am now the proud owner of two lovelies! So naturally, bragging must ensue.

I acquired these leggings from her Etsy shop (http://www.ToryNovaCouture.Etsy.com). I’m not a huge fan of leggings, but these are made of lycra which is thick, dense, and *glides* onto your legs. They are also surprisingly light! This stuff is made of dreams. What’s more, the sewing is perfect, the print lies on the legs in an attractive manner and is bold, original, and completely killer. All of the prints from her shop she has initially drawn *by hand*, colored *by hand*-all illustration work is done by her. Many are based on Shakespeare themes. I admit, I got these leggings for the skulls. This is part of her Carmen print. Now what I think is bloody fabulous about these are not only are there skulls involved, but it is done in such a tasteful and artistic manner that it in no way can be seen anywhere else or be considered cheap or cliche. As a painter, I consider the colors delectable. The reds are rusty instead of boring crimson, and the skulls and skeletons aren’t white but a nice warm gray-like the color of actual bones. The ‘blood’ almost has a paint splatter effect, which I adore-and the packaging was not only professional but slick to boot..

The second Tory Nova item I have acquired, is something I’ve secretly stalked and lusted after for awhile now. It is my absolute favourite print of hers, for Swan Lake. She has dresses, ties and scarves for this print. The scarves come in two color options-the full original saturated version and a lighter, airy version for Spring/Summer. I love the original print-the colors are romantic without being too girly or feminine. I completely adore this and *live* in scarves. The fact that this one is super long (also comes in a square version for kerchief style) but also extremely light is grand for all seasons in my book.

How wicked are these!? And they perfectly match my Romantics Jewelry line as well 😉 More for that line coming this summer.


In other news, for all the gauged folk-I couldn’t wait. I photographed the new natural Kings Manassa Mine turquoise, and it is all top notch. I am pleased with the quality-there are no cracks, fractures or “blemishes” on these stones and all have great polish. They are all brilliant colors! Unfortunately, there are few stones on the round side for gauges. These are what I’ve picked out from the lot that could work as pairs for plugs or for regular earrings:




AND NOW~ I BRING YOU ALL THE OTHER GOODIES TO CHOOSE FROM-these are separated into groups roughly by shape. If you desire anything custom with any stone(s) of your choosing, just say the word…



Great stuff right? Now a little info on the mine:

~~**Kings Manassa Mine Information**~~

This American mine is located east of Manassa, Colorado. It has been mined for centuries by Native American Indians and is thought to be the oldest mine in Colorado. This kind of turquoise was named after I.P. King, who came upon the mine around 1890. The King family owns the mine and it is most famous for its green and blue/green colored turquoise. The highest of qualities and rarest of Kings Manassa turquoise are a deep green, and green with golden matrix.


Also acquired recently!!! :

Beautiful, beautiful GENUINE WAMPUM. This lovely wampum has been carved by artist Mark Changing Bear of buffalocarvings.com . Mr. Mark is one of the few wampum carvers left. He also does amazing work carving wampum into feathers and totem animals. He is currently carving my totem: deer, for me! Check out the “custom” section on his website, or the Etsy shop he and his lovely wife Candida run : http://www.SomethingWiccan.Etsy.com  As the wampum I have photographed below was gifted, it will not be used in any custom orders, *however*, if you desire anything custom with wampum just say the word and we can most likely collectively make something special for you…


Last, but not least…

I consider my jeweler’s trademark to essentially be an “S” with two opposing arrows on either side. Please know that I am working on creating a one of a kind metal stamp for a more unique jeweler’s signature! This will be my brand and alter ego, “STRAY ARROW”. This will be coming within the next month or two and be stamped onto all of my future jewelry pieces for a more unique and recognizable signature to last the ages! Get ready.

Western Massachusetts Gem/Mineral Show

I know…I have a problem.

I just can’t seem to contain myself, I keep buying rock after beautiful rock. But….at least I can share….

2 new drusy cabs-the lovely seafoam colored one has a little dendrite (plant fossil) on the bottom-see? These both have incredible sparkle, the seafoam one is currently being made into a honkin’ ring…size yet to be determined…


This is an old gaspeite cabochon I acquired yesterday. These stones are a rare mineral to find (this one was the only one I saw at the whole show). They can be anywhere from this color green to a bright neon green, and will occasionally have a brownish matrix in them. This mineral usually hails from Australia, or Quebec, Canada as this one did.


Next, we have (above) genuine Baltic Amber. This piece is FAT, and like all amber very light. The white splotch is the price tag on the other side (lazy lazy me not removing it). When looked at closely…closer than my silly camera will allow…you can see a couple of bugs. Gross, but cool, right?


I have so much of this, but I couldn’t resist. This is a lace agate, not uncommon, but these pinkish tones are so romantically themed I just had to snatch it up. I love the very circular ones as this that look like tree rings. Please note~ there is already a pure silver scalloped bezel around this one that I whipped up, as I have a ring design in mind for the cabochon.



This is a pair of tear dropped drusy cabs (roughly 10mm tall). They are incredibly sparkley and light reflective, perfect for gauges and earrings. Its so hard to find good matching pairs so as soon as I saw these I grabbed them. I know they’ll make someone happy.


Koroit Boulder Opal~

Finally found one! These stones have been getting VERY popular, and I haven’t gotten my hands on any at all, so I finally buckled down. Along with Opal being the October birthstone, it is also the birthstone of the Zodiac Libra sign. ALL of it is found in Australia, and the browns are from iron mixed with the opal. This kind of boulder/matrix opal from Koroit, Australia is very sought after, and this piece has great light reflective, glow and a very nice pattern.


Alright, saved my favourite stones for last, and I’m sure anyone that knows me can guess they’re turquoise….



I’ve never gotten my hands on any of this mine before until now. Because of this, please know that the stone on the left is *not for sale* ~ I’m keeping it for my collection…The Carico Lake Mine Turquoise is from Nevada, Southwest and named after its location (dried lake land). It produces a highly collectable and unique green color because of the amounts of zinc in the area. This teal/green is similar to a lot of dark variscite stones.


~~~**COMING SOON**~~~

To the StasiaSalvucci.Etsy.com shop….herkimer diamond rings!



Soon to be in for the Gauged by Stasia shop:::

1/2″ black onyx sterling and deer hide leather dangles…IN PROGRESS….


ofcourse, these are all along with the commissions that are in progress, soon to be finished for the lovely folk who’re waiting ever so patiently 🙂



on a side note, in other news my dear friend miss Tory of ToryNovaCouture (whom I warmly refer to as “the Russian Doll” when she ain’t around) is soon to be releasing scarves of her exquisite Shakespearean themed fashion line for Spring/Summer! The color and printing quality is sublime, the compositions and fabric a dream, the color palettes are true, blissful romance wrapped around your neck, all for you. Love them.

View the preview scarf of her “Swan Lake” illustration (my favourite!) at her Etsy shop:



New Jewels

I’ve been slaving away in my jewelry studio….with alas no heating in the snow filled surroundings…and have completed some new pieces that have already been sold~and are awaiting more lovelies to be worn by!

This custom pair of 4 gauge plugs feature hand sawed sterling and faceted rose quartz gemstone cherry blossoms with stamens~I’ll definitely be making some more of these!

Also~a ring completed a few days again with a Walt Whitman quote stamped on the back (from his poem, “Song of The Open Road“). The amazing stone is from the Crow Springs Mine near Tonopah, NV, and is completely natural, high grade and extremely sought after. The stone from this ring was cut from the same slab of turquoise as another stone from my collection that I used to make a ring for myself with another Whitman quote~here are the collector’s grade stones side by side (left is my ring, right is ring currently for sale)


The Romantics line featuring necklaces and rings of quality heirloom stones set in Victorian designs, some with poetic quotes stamped in, all one of a kind couture pieces! Get ready to grab them when they become available!