Weekend Sale!

Whether you’re celebrating turkey day, the day of mourning, or just getting together with family for some good food, I wish you all a happy weekend!

Black Friday kicks off tonight at midnight, and so does my weekend long sale. Get any goodies listed in the shop at a whopping 15% off! This sale doesn’t apply to custom orders, just any item listed. Coupon code is:


Please do NOT forget to enter this at time of purchase where it says ‘apply code’. New items will also hit the shop at midnight, including some new one of a kind molten silver stud earrings at discount pricing of $15/pair.

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A few pieces of photo candy of items from 2011 and 2012:

2011 2





This has been a very tumultuous year- from moving home and business to a new state, to stocking with Free People. I am ever grateful for the opportunities that have been sent my way, and the ones I’ve worked my ass off for. For loyal customers, old and new, for the peer jewelers I’ve befriended and new rock sources I’ve established. I’m loving every second of this hard earned self employed state of life. To show my excitement for new things to come and gratitude to the faithful who read this blog, I’m offering a special discount code. I don’t often have sales as my jewelry is priced the best and fairest I can with materials, highest quality stones, and labor. This code is extra special…


Check the shop soon for new items! Making for perfect stocking stuffers, Channukah or Yule gifts!

With this Holiday season I’ll update the blog every Sunday morning with new shop items as I’ll be cranking out a grand amount of new pieces in both old and new designs.

Cheers folks!

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Weekend Sale!




Sale starts at MIDNIGHT THURSDAY. There will be a new blog post this coming Sunday morning with all new items, just in time for Cyber Monday! New for Sunday will also be my latest haul of stones from a previous gem show. “Shopping Season” is now officially starting, better get your little (or grand!) gifts early folks! Production times will be swifter during the season rush to ensure delivery dates. Keep your eyes peeled for Sunday- with morning tea, coffee, and other fancies come turquoise, petrified wood, and wonders from beneath the soil…

*A Happy Turkey Day to those celebrating!*

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The Stray Arrow is having a SALE!

For this weekend only, from Midnight Thursday to Midnight Monday

everything in the shop is 10% off!

and for those who take a peak at my little blogging fancy here, why not

have an extra 5%off?


whether you’re celebrating by chomping some turkey, tofu, or just a delightful glump of cranberries-or participating in the National Day of Mourning, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend ❤

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