New Items!

These new items will be hitting the shop throughout the day and night




^size 9 Royston ribbon turquoise stacker in blackened silver.




^size 6.75 Blue Gem turquoise in gold fill and blackened silver.




^size 7.5 iolite gemstone Arrowvane ring with band detailing.




* Spheres and Tides ring, featuring Castle Dome and Manassa turquoise, will fit sizes 6.5-7.




^size 8 rustic ruby in zoisite stacker.




^size 6.5 Royston Ribbon turquoise with cut out bezel detailing and extra stacker.




^size 7.5 Kingman blue turquoise and dark silver stacker.




^size 7.5 CAVE STACK, featuring old stock Number 8 mine turquoise in gold fill, and dark silver.




^necklace with Blue Boy variscite, gold fill, and dark silver. 20″ chain.



^White Buffalo Arrowvane earrings, 1.5″ tall in total.



That’s it folks! Check back in the shop and be sure to use the COUPON CODE for 15% off of your orders over $25!




New Items, New Thoughts.

This post may be a bit longer, as I feel text has been slightly dwindling from this blog. Firstly, new items! These will be hitting the shop later tonight and tomorrow.


Stone rings in natural old stock Royston and Manassa mine turquoise, and a luscious pink rhodochrosite.







Other newer pieces include mini “Sweet Sayings” rings. These sterling bands feature delightful short quotes by yours truly. Each ring features a different quote, but they can be made to your size upon inquiry. Currently made are: “We are the brazen bold“, and “A darling day for rain” (for the English). These sterling bands are patina darkened and then  polished to a steel like finish, with the darkened quotes hidden on the inside of the ring band. On the outside is my jeweler’s mark. These also make great knuckle rings.




A wampum necklace with mini wampum beads, old stock cut of green Manassa mine turquoise, wild horse magnesite Crossed Arrows dangles, and silver & rose gold stackers will be joining them.







It’s also been pretty evident that I’ve been somewhat neglectful of the Stretched Ears Jewelry shop. The Arrow Vanes, signature Stray Arrow wear, will soon be available in multiple gauge sizes in the shop. I’ll also be making more plugs featuring rare turquoise (Blue Moon mine), and other designs quite soon.


Now for my favourite new addition. Awhile ago I made a necklace for myself that, along with The Stray Arrow necklace, has become a signature daily piece. Out of bronze and silver sheet metal I made a 5 string banjo. Completed with a wrap around quote on the body, and sawed out arrow in the back. I’ll be offering these in the shop as of tonight as a *CUSTOM* piece. The quotes and backing design can be customized. Four string banjos are also available. They’ll put a little folk mountain life in you. No templates, all hand forged.








That’s it for new items for the next few days. I’ve also been working on some custom orders that’ll be shown here and the usual outlets (Tumblr, Instagram @thestrayarrow, Facebook), once finished.

A Note-

I’ve been noticing people imitating my work. While this is a touchy subject that seems taboo to talk about, this is getting unavoidable. Artisan one of a kind jewelry design is a difficult art to protect when compared to other art fields. Copies will happen. “One offs” are tolerated and occasionally flattering if the artist is *given credit* as being behind the inspiration. This is unfortunately not the case. I have been seeing people not only imitate my very specific signature materials (not that one can ever claim to own such a thing), but my writing descriptions, photography style, work title style and themes, and my overall aesthetic entirely. A continual ‘paraphrasing’, if you will. Most people have the grace to come up with their own designs, for those that don’t they bring down the work of others. I want to reiterate and remind everyone that if there is space to stamp my half inch “STRAY ARROW” logo onto an original piece, and it is not there, it is not made by me. This means that it is not backed by my quality guarantee, nor my 6 years of turquoise study experience. Just because a piece of turquoise is claimed from a mine does not equal good quality. I am an artist with eccentric interests, and my jewelry work is an extension of that. I try to be respectful of everyone’s creative and intellectual property, and truly wish the same in return.


In other news, I’ve been in the process of taking some jewelry group shots of pieces for things like packaging, cards, and promos (hint hint *soon*). Below are some of those shots, as well as some really great folks wearing my jewels. Click on their photos for their respective work links and check them out!



^lady Arlie, of Urban Revisions in 14k yellow gold and dark silver faceted sapphire gem ring. Paired with her new white glass jewels!


^the extremely talented Rachel (photographer), in Royston turquoise and dark silver necklace.


^Dominique of Couture Vulture wearing Stray Arrow No-see-’ems, and mini crystal rings by Concrete Polish.


Cave Ladies, Shooting in The Dark,


still a favourite.

Cave Ladies




That’s all folks! I leave you with an illustration from one of my favourites, the Pink Fairy Book~



xx The Stray Arrow

Preview Day

A few new items will be hitting the main shop over the weekend. They feature my favourite group of goodies: turquoise, wampum, emeralds, and koroit opal! I’m still recovering from being sick, so production has slowed a bit. For all custom and “made to order” items taking a little while longer, don’t fret! Your lovelies have not been forgotten, they’ll be with you soon ❤


First up we have a darling little size 5 koroit boulder opal ring from Queensland, Australia. The opal has been set in a gold fill bezel and blackened silver ring design. Nice and simple to highlight the awesome flash of this rock. The electric royal blue looks like lightning on dark bark, and what really sets this piece apart is the opal matrix in the center of the stone is clear! At the right angle you can see straight through.



Next up we have two turquoise rings. These both tie into my Romantics theme of poetry quotes, Autumn, and the Southwest. The size 7 3/4  Hour by Hour ring features a rounded triangle cut of ribbon Royston turquoise. On the outside of the ring band lies the quote, “Dead leaves scatter, hour by hour”. This is from Oscar Wilde’s, “Impressions, I Le Jardin”. The second size 6 3/4-7  Tracks in Dusk ring features two different coloured old stock turquoise pieces from the Kings Manassa mine. They resemble abstract animal tracks. The quote on the inside of the ring band reads, “Braided dusks of the oaks“. This is from Sidney Lanier’s, “The Marshes of Glynn”.








Also coming to the shop are two new wampum pieces. I’ve made little genuine wampum post earrings that resemble the “Evil Eye”. These beautifully high grade plum wampum pieces have delicious bands of purple and white. They are set within gold fill bezels and blackened silver borders for some moody contrast. The Wampum Charms Shield Necklace features a grand piece of wampum as the main pendant. Accompanying it are deep green faceted emerald gems, a sweet little 4mm ruby, a natural old stock Cerillos Mine turquoise stone, and little hand sawed leaf shapes within the silver chain.




Check back in the shop this coming weekend!

xxStray Arrow

Preview Night: The Humble Bee

The Romantics Line is back with two new pieces! 

Two rings feature quotes from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s, “The Humble Bee”. One line of water, one of land…:


“Burly, dozing humble-bee,

Where thou art is clime for me.

Let them sail for Porto Rique,

Far-off heats through seas to seek;

I will follow thee alone,

Thou animated torrid-zone!

Zigzag steerer, desert cheerer,

Let me chase thy waving lines;

Keep me nearer, me thy hearer,

Singing over shrubs and vines.


Insect lover of the sun,

Joy of thy dominion!

Sailor of the atmosphere;

Swimmer through the waves of air;

Voyager of light and noon;

Epicurean of June;

Wait, I prithee, till I come

Within earshot of thy hum,-

All without is matyrdom.


When the south wind, in May days,

With a net of shining haze

Silvers the horizon wall,

And with softness touching all,

Tints the human countenance

With a colour of romance,

And infusing subtle heats,

Turns the sod to violets,

Thou, in sunny solitudes,

Rover of the Underwoods,

The green silence dost displace

With thy mellow, breezy bass.


Hot midsummer’s petted crone,

Sweet to me thy drowsy tone

Tells of countless sunny hours,

Long days, and solid banks of flowers;

Of gulfs of sweetness without bound

In Indian wilderness found;

Of Syrian peace, immortal leisure,

Firmest cheer, and bird-like pleasure.


Aught unsavory or unclean

Hath my insect never seen;

But violets and bilberry bells,

Maple-sap and daffodels,

Grass with green flag half-mast high,

Succory to match the sky,

Columbine with horn of honey,

Scented fern, and agrimony,

Clovers, catchfly, adder’s-tongue

And brier-roses, dwelt among;

All beside was unknown waste,

All was picture as he passed.


Wiser far than human seer,

Yellow-breeched philosopher!

Seeing only what is fair,

Sipping only what is sweet,

Thou dost mock at fate and care,

Leave the chaff, and take the wheat.

When the fierce northwestern blast

Cools sea and land so far and fast,

Thou already slumberst deep;

Woe and want thou canst outsleep;

Want and woe, which torture us,

Thy sleep makes ridiculous.”




Featuring a primo piece of Larimar stone, also called Dolphin stone.




Featuring a beautiful and HUGE piece of Courtland Plume





Also coming to the main Etsy shop on Tuesday:

Sweet dark silver stacking rings highlighting gem like deep blue Kingman Mine turquoise stones!




A bangle bracelet with a stunning sparkled cut of Australian Koroit Opal will be joining them. A couple other bracelet mainstays will be hitting the shop-including the unique and simple Bright & Dark Oval Silver Bangles. These blackened silver bracelets have oval flashes of silver for a haunting and elegant look.




Check out the Etsy shop Tuesday for these plus a few more goodies-including another Romantics Line ring with a quote from Sidney Lanier’s, “The Marshes of Glynn“. 

xx Stray Arrow

“Weave The Wind…”

A few new pieces are hitting the Etsy Shop this coming Wednesday afternoon…

This lovely variscite ring features a lovely stone from Nevada, Southwest. The wide band gives extra comfort, and is stamped with feathers on the outside….

Also new is the “Winter Wind” ring…

This beauty features a STUNNING dendritic agate. The ring band features a semi-hidden quote from a T.S. Eliot poem,

“Weave the wind

I have no ghosts”

This is like a personal mantra for the wearer. 

The silver in which the stone is set is file polished, so the agate will warmly glow whenever light hits it.


catch these two plus a few more jewels in the shop Wednesday!

xx Stray Arrow


“Low on the Sand, and Loud on the Stone”…

Before I post new work to be added to the Etsy shops tomorrow, and recently completed work,  Etsy has made a few changes to their hosting websites where my shops are. They have recently added the option to change a Shop Name. While my shop for the gauged folks will remain “GaugedbyStasia”, my shop name for my StasiaSalvucci account will now be “TheStrayArrow”, permanently. All bookmarks and URL’s will be forwarded to


Tomorrow, in The Stray Arrow shop…

a new addition to the Grave Series, featuring sweet little silver and copper Momento Mori studs:

Also new, an addition to the Stormy Night miniseries in the form of a splendidly fat ring of substantial size and weight, inspired by Alfred Lord Tennyson

This lovely features a square flashly labradorite gemstone flanked by two hand sawed sterling black birds. The back is adorned with a raven and the quote..


from Part 1 of Tennyson’s “Maud; A Monodrama”…

Come into the garden, Maud,
      For the black bat, night, has flown,
Come into the garden, Maud,
      I am here at the gate alone;
And the woodbine spices are wafted abroad,
      And the musk of the rose is blown.
   For a breeze of morning moves,
      And the planet of Love is on high,
Beginning to faint in the light that she loves
      In a bed of daffodil sky,
To faint in the light of the sun she loves,
      To faint in his light, and to die. 
   All night have the roses heard
      The flute, violin, bassoon;
All night has the casement jessamine stirr’d
      To the dancers dancing in tune;
Till a silence fell with the waking bird,
      And a hush with the setting moon.
   I said to the lily, “There is but one
      With whom she has heart to be gay.
When will the dancers leave her alone?
      She is weary of dance and play.”
Now half to the setting moon are gone,
      And half to the rising day;
Low on the sand and loud on the stone
      The last wheel echoes away.
   I said to the rose, “The brief night goes
      In babble and revel and wine.
O young lord-lover, what sighs are those,
      For one that will never be thine?
But mine, but mine,” so I sware to the rose,
      “For ever and ever, mine.”
   And the soul of the rose went into my blood,
      As the music clash’d in the hall;
And long by the garden lake I stood,
      For I heard your rivulet fall
From the lake to the meadow and on to the wood,
      Our wood, that is dearer than all;
   From the meadow your walks have left so sweet
      That whenever a March-wind sighs
He sets the jewel-print of your feet
      In violets blue as your eyes,
To the woody hollows in which we meet
      And the valleys of Paradise.
   The slender acacia would not shake
      One long milk-bloom on the tree;
The white lake-blossom fell into the lake
      As the pimpernel dozed on the lea;
But the rose was awake all night for your sake,
      Knowing your promise to me;
The lilies and roses were all awake,
      They sigh’d for the dawn and thee.
   Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls,
      Come hither, the dances are done,
In gloss of satin and glimmer of pearls,
      Queen lily and rose in one;
Shine out, little head, sunning over with curls,
      To the flowers, and be their sun.
   There has fallen a splendid tear
      From the passion-flower at the gate.
She is coming, my dove, my dear;
      She is coming, my life, my fate;
The red rose cries, “She is near, she is near;”
      And the white rose weeps, “She is late;”
The larkspur listens, “I hear, I hear;”
      And the lily whispers, “I wait.”
   She is coming, my own, my sweet;
      Were it ever so airy a tread,
My heart would hear her and beat,
      Were it earth in an earthy bed;
My dust would hear her and beat,
      Had I lain for a century dead,
Would start and tremble under her feet,
      And blossom in purple and red
New to the gauged shop tomorrow…
one pair of 10 gauge faceted rainbow moonstone ornate plugs
one pair of 4 gauge Stormy Night plugs with black pyrite fool’s gold
and these:
12 gauge dangles for tunnels that feature a MATCHING PAIR of natural, genuine,
White Buffalo Turquoise
These lovelies have been oxidized, brushed and filed for serious contrast and are a comfortable weight so that they will swing in the most amusing arc, and still not weigh your ears down in the slightest…
Recently completed is a necklace made with a turquoise I had posted in recent months…
featuring a museum quality webbed piece of natural Pilot Mountain Mine Turquoise, a cabochon of Kings Manassa Mine Turquoise, and four beautifully micro-faceted genuine emeralds…
check the shops out tomorrow (Wednesday) for new goodies!
xx Stray Arrow

The Fire Still Burns…

Not only do I have new jewelry pieces to share before they hit the Etsy shops on Tuesday, but I also have a short story for you all, which will be at the end of this post….

I have been banging out made to order items and commissions, while at the same time making a few new pieces in time for Samhain (All Hallows Eve/Halloween). As always, silver skulls are aplenty. Now, I am currently working on expanding my “Stormy Night” Black Bird series in the Gauged by Stasia shop. These feature gem and silver plugs with 3D black crows or ravens that spread their wings from the gems. This style will also be on a ring within the next few weeks…

Story Night Part Two. 00 gauge. Larvikite gems.

New to the Jewelery shop are more bronze skull dangles, and a new series…

The new series is “The Grave Series”, based on Old Puritan gravestones in New England. Many of these graves would feature skulls flanked by angel wings at stone headers, with the phrase “Momento Mori”. This is a modern term for R.I.P.=Rest In Peace, and literally means, Remember Your Mortality. This doesn’t have to be interpreted cryptically. Momento Mori could just be a little boost to appreciate all and everything. The Puritan gravestones were all carved by hand back in the day, and each one has a unique (some goofy) expression. Each piece of this new mini series will have its own personality, hopefully you can find one that suites your own….

currently there are one pair of plugs, and this necklace in the series. Coming soon are more plugs, necklaces and rings….





My artist friend Tory, of Tory Nova Couture,has recently made some new goodies for Halloween as well. These are just too adorable and delectable not to share! Illustrating different skeletons and monsters she has created the perfect quick costume idea: unique and humorous quality pull over masks. These cuties come in kid and adult sizes, perfect to snag you the “coolest grown up” award! These are illustrated 360 degrees…check them out in her ETSY shop :




Well folks, I believe its story time…

As I have posted before, “Atsenhaienton” is translated to “The Fire Still Burns” in Mohawk Iroquois. This is the name of a mini jewelry line I had started with a pair of dangles featuring genuine wampum. From these dangles sparked interest, and now one pair of plugs has been made in this style, another is in the works, and talk of a possible Atsenhaienton necklace may come into being.

Each piece of this collection highlights a little shard of a history. Whether it be your own or another’s, histories and mythologies can be how we define ways of life and being and seem to always stay with us.

From this inspiration, I have made a ring based on one of my favourite Iroquois tales (specifically Seneca Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee). Please note that although I am an enthusiast, I am not a scholar or…known for my accurate spelling. The names in this tale are phonetic, and are approximate…

Ga-oh, Spirit of the Winds, chose his aids from the terrestrial because of their knowledge of the earth; and when his reverberating call had ceased its thunderous echoes, he opened his north gate wide across the sky and called Ya-o-gah, the Bear.

Lumbering over the mountains as he pushed them from his path, Ya-o-gah, the bulky bear, who had battled the boisterous winds as he came, took his place at Ga-oh’s gate and waited the mission of his call. Said Ga-oh, “Ya-o-gah, you are strong, you can freeze the waters with your cold breath; in your broad arms you can carry the wild tempests, and clasp the whole earth when I bid you destroy. I will place you in my far north, there to watch the herd of my winter winds when I loose them in the sky. You shall be the North Wind. Enter your home”. And the bear lowered his head for the leash with which Ga-oh bound him, and submissively took his place in the north sky.

In a gentler voice Ga-oh called Ne-o-ga, the Fawn, and a soft breeze as of the summer, crept over the sky; the air grew fragrant with the odor of flowers, and there were voices as of babbling brooks telling the secrets of the summer to the tune of birds, as Ne-o-ga came proudly lifting her head.

Said Ga-oh, “You walk with the summer sun,and know all its paths; you are gentle,and kind as the sunbeam, and will rule my flock of the summer winds in peace. You shall be the South Wind, Bend your head while I leash you to the sky, for you are swift, and might return from me to the earth”. And the gentle fawn followed Ga-oh to his great gate which opens the south sky.

Again, Ga-oh trumpeted a shrill blast, and all the sky seemed threatening; an ugly darkness crept into the clouds that sent them whirling in circles of confusion; a quarrelsome, shrieking voice snarled through the air, and with a sound as of great claws tearing the heavens into rifts, Da-jo-ji, the Panther, sprang to the gate.

Said Ga-oh, “You are ugly and fierce, and can fight the strong storms; you can climb the high mountains,and tear down the forests; you can carry the whirlwind on your strong back, and toss the great sea waves high in the air, and snarl at the tempests if they stray from my gate. You shall be the West Wind. Go to the west sky, where even the Sun will hurry to hide when you howl your warning to the night”. And Da-jo-ji, dragging his leash as he stealthily crept along, followed Ga-oh to the furthermost west sky.

Yet Ga-oh rested not. The earth was flat, and in each of its four corners he must have an assistant. One corner yet remained, and again Ga-oh’s strong blast shook the earth. And there arose a moan like the calling of a lost mate, the sky shivered in a cold rain, the whole earth clouded in mist, a crackling sound as of a great horns crashing through the forest trees dinned the air, and O-yan-do-ne, the Moose, stood stamping his hoofs at the gate.

Said Ga-oh, as he strung a strong leash around his neck, “Your breath blows the mist, and can lead the cold rains; your horns spread wide, and can push back the forests to widen the path for my storms as with your swift hoofs you race with my winds. You shall be the East Wind, and blow your breath to chill the young clouds as they float through the sky”. And, said Ga-oh, as he led him to the east sky, “Here you shall dwell forevermore.”

Thus, with his assistants, does Ga-oh control his storms. And although he must ever remain in his sky lodge, his will is supreme, and his faithful assistants will obey.

All text of this tale was taken verbatim from a version written and translated by Harriet Maxwell Converse (Ya-ie-wa-noh). Converse lived  and studied with Seneca in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

This ring is simply made with sterling silver, patina, and a beautiful little round wampum featuring both its purple and white colouring. Four arrows have been stamped to represent the four wind directions. The ring band is stamped with “Atsenhaienton”…

check back to the Etsy shops Tuesday for these new items, and more…

and…coming soon…


xx Stray Arrow

“In The Golden Air”…

Well, I have returned and the Etsy shops are back in action. The final batch of “made to order” items purchased while I was away will ship out Monday at the latest. Commissions will be resumed this weekend. For now, a few of the pieces recently completed that will hit the shop Sunday evening…

Men’s Water Feather Ring– featuring a piece of high grade turquoise from the Kingman Mine with pyrite in it that I acquired in Bisbee, Arizona. This lovely has been stamped with feathers like my “Feathered Bands”. A perfect rugged piece for the gents who dig the Southwestern look.

In The Golden Air“, a necklace for the month of October. The quote is from William Cullen Bryant’s poem “October”. This necklace shall be part of the Romantics Line. It features a beautiful crazy lace agate with swirls that look like orange flowers towards the bottom. A green gem and faceted rainbow moonstone follow bronze and silver leaves up the chain. A little oak leaf has been sawed out in the back, to let the beauty of the stone come through….

And, for the Gauged Folks…

its time to gear up for Hallows Eve!

Ruby Saucer Blood Droplet plugs…these little *garnet gemstone* guys are currently made in a 10 gauge, but can be made in any size up to 1/2″…

and of course, skulls aplenty in any gauge size…




Now for some new gemstone and rock goodies, all up for grabs for custom orders:


also, everyone’s favourite: Herkimer Diamonds

and last but grandest, a superb olive coloured natural turquoise from the Crow Springs Mine, a perfect oval size for ring, bracelet or necklace:


Well, thats it for now folks. Thanks for all the patience while I was away. Expect frequent blog posts, NEW Halloween packaging, and plenty of new pieces to celebrate the upcoming Samhain on the way!

in the meantime, I’ll be taking a break from the sweets I’ve been surviving on the past two weeks….maybe…

xxStray Arrow

“And life, in rare and beautiful forms, is sporting amid those bowers of stones…”

Tourist migration weekend has passed, and my birthday has gone. Thankfully during time off the past few days, I’ve been able to whip up some new wonders for the Etsy shops. Also! For all you gauged folk out there desiring more rare turquoise ear bling, I’ve recently tracked down some BEAUTIFUL turquoise from the King’s Manassa Mine. I’ll be photographing these and posting them for your choosing by this coming weekend!

I was able to sneak off to the beach last week, before the weekend rush. It was beautiful having it almost to myself…the ripples and patterns in the sands were like webs, ensnaring all visitors to lengthen their stay…

and from all that is the ocean and summer, I stumbled upon a poem that seemed familiar although I know I’ve never read it. I feel in love with it immediately….:

~*The Coral Grove-by James Gate Percival*~

“Deep in the wave is a coral grove,

Where the purple mullet, and gold-fish rove,

Where the sea-flower spread its leaves of blue,

That never are wet with falling dew,

But in bright and changeful beauty shine,

Far down in the green and glassy brine.

That floor is of sand, like the mountain drift,

And the pearl shells spangle the flinty snow;

From coral rocks the sea plants lift

Their boughs, where the tides and billows flow;

The water is calm and still below,

For the winds and waves are absent there.

And the sands are bright as the stars that glow

In the motionless fields of upper air:

There with its waving blade of green,

The sea-flag streams through the silent water,

And the crimson leaf of the dulse is seen

To bulch, like a banner bathed in slaughter:

There with a light and easy motion,

The fan-coral sweeps through the clear deep sea;

And the yellow and scarlet tufts of ocean

Are bending like corn on the upland lea:

And life, in rare and beautiful forms,

Is sporting amid those bowers of stone,

And is safe, when the wrathful spirit of storms,

Has made the top of the waves his own:

And when the ship from his fury flies,

Where the myriad voices of ocean roar,

When the wind-god frowns in the murky skies,

And demons are waiting the wreck on shore;

The far below in the peaceful sea,

The purple mullet, and gold-fish rove,

Where the waters murmur tranquilly,

Through the bending twigs of the coral grove.”

From this, came this ring, soon to be in the Etsy shop!:

Also new is the FLIGHT NIGHT ring…made of oxidized sterling and petrified palm wood…soon to be in the Etsy shop…

New to the shop already are one of a kind bronze lariat necklaces and raw stones necklaces…double click to enlarge…

Goodies for the Gauged by Stasia shop include sterling domed flowers with 14k gold fill molten inside dots, come in all gauge sizes…

Chained gauges in all sizes and styles….


and! Beautiful rutilated quartz plugs, currently in size 0 gauge but I have more rutiliated quartz for any custom sizes…

last but not least….coming by next weekend…the Crow&Buffalo bracelet, with sterling, and genuine White Buffalo turquoise…this piece is in progress!