One Thousand Sales

It has happened! I have officially hit 1,000 sales in my main Etsy shop, and I know it had nothing to do with luck. Selling on Etsy has been amazing. Starting a business in any capacity is hard. Perching over my little sawing set up late at night while still at school with a full 8 class course load and tons of things on the side was worth it. It’s been an absolute pleasure to do what I love, and be able to share it with people. It’s been a slow and steady learning experience that is the most rewarding thing I’ve done to date. Those that know me personally know I’m not a particularly gushy person, but I truly want to thank all of you for your support. I’ve had some unique and inspiring customers. I swoon over the feedback some have left, and I adore discovering how many people out there share my interests. Y’all truly are, the bees knees.

In celebration, I’d like to give back a little. The 1,000th sale was free. From tonight, until *tomorrow night at midnight*, take 25% off your entire order! Use the coupon code in the photo below upon checkout in the Stray Arrow Etsy Shop

Thanks all!






I have truly been ignoring updating this blog of jewels, life, and any imaginative light bulb moments.

Throughout the past few weeks I’ve been struggling to find time to create new goodies for both Etsy shops-and only just now have some fresh bling to share! Being a “one woman show” not only entails creating and photographing items to list, but commissions (convos, sketches, etc.), packaging-cards, decorating parcels, networking, supplying boutiques, and add to that gem/stone hunting and an actual day job and we get a burnt out Stasia. While both of my shops are not taking on any commissions this month (thank you for your patience!), I have literally spent the whole month *catching up* on commissions and finishing them. Don’t even think about interpreting any of this as complaining! The only things that may be sad here are my fingers. I love personalizing and creating for specific moments. I also love to brainstorm more on all the half finished projects in the corners of my studio. I find the pieces I let sit around in stages the longest always come out the best.

What I am essentially building up here to, is a break. *NOT* a break from my beloved Etsy shops, but a vacation for next month. Between September 3 to the 16th, I will be on retreat in Europe with an artist friend. During this time, *my shops will remain open*. Anything purchased between these dates will ship out Monday September 19th. I will be posting this little reminder on EVERY single one of my listings so there is no confusion, as I know many “laid back” folks like myself occasionally won’t read a full shop announcement, etc. During the vacances, I won’t have constant internet access, so I will answer convos whenever it is possible.

I shall come back relaxed, ambitious, and full of new shapes, colours and concepts floating in my mind. I will also have time to do some concept sketches to build my Romantics Line and start a new line that I’m planning for the near future, called the Atsenhaienton” line, which loosely translates to “the fire still burns” in Mohawk Iroquois (i.e. Kanien’gehaga). For most that don’t know, the word “Mohawk” is actually an Algonquin word meaning “MANEATER”…these tribes didn’t get along much. This jewelry line will be semi rooted in the revival of lesser known Native myths, theories, quotes, etc., and feature stones and gems that either reflect on the history or landscape of the specific myth/concept the jewelry piece is based on. I want to create something that will be cherished, rooted in history, and enjoyed by anyone who appreciates learning and sharing.





Lab Created White Sapphire, 14k Rose Gold Fill and Sterling Stackers:

these lovelies will be made to order in your own size, I currently have 3 sapphires in stock (all roughly 1-1.3 carats)

^Sweet Kings Manassa Turquoise Posts with 14k Gold bezels

^The Holy Dirt Necklace:~

This necklace features a beautiful blue chalcedony teardrop gemstone, a nice clean slice of stalactite, a NATURAL microfaceted Columbian emerald gemstone, and soon some other mini gemstone goodies. It is 80% finished! Chain length to be adjustable. The stalactite rests in a “dirt mound” of PURE, FINE SILVER that has been sanded, oxidized, chemically patinaed, buried, and beaten to literally resemble pebbles. The finish on this is fantastic in person. I love the idea of putting dirt on a pedestal, the primordial goo still exists in us all, and comes out from time to time when we walk outside barefoot, and roll in the leaves. Celebrate it!

^ The Siren Ring:~

This ring features a stunningly deep natural variscite stone from Nevada, Southwest. The patterning looks exactly like thick seafoam in the deepest green oceans pounding each other in a storm. The bezel of this ring is highly polished (Not my usual!) while the back and ring band remain oxidized, sanded and rustic. The patina is protected by a museum quality jeweler’s wax.

Also in mid-production are new WAMPUM earrings. I have gabbed about wampum a lot in earlier posts, I can’t get enough of it.

These are part of the new Atsenhaienton line…:~

featuring mini natural genuine wampum shell beads in sterling jump rings and oxidized chains. On one earring mini sawed out circles are stamped with “WAM” on the other earrings “PUM”. To be added are sawed out silver arrows and my jeweler’s tag on each earring..


6 gauge lapis lazuli (GOOD stuff! not denim lapis) plugs in sterling, and 6 gauge Pilot Mountain Turquoise set in 14k bezels with sterling. These turquoise lovelies are natural, high quality, and have the most BEAUTIFUL water webs…




Columbian microfaceted emeralds, White Buffalo ribbon cut natural Turquoise, and mini Royston Mine Turquoise ribbon cut-matching pair for gauges! These would work for anything 10 gauge-0 gauge, or anything 00 gauge and up with a border or design around them.



xx Stray Arrow

“Muse’s Window”~Now Carrying Stasia Art!

MUSE’S WINDOW is now carrying my jewelry!!! Visit the lovely Karin Biow’s shop in Concord, MA. You can find it on Main St. right above the Main Street Cafe, up the stairs right before you hit Nesting on Main Antiques…

here are some of the lovelies now stocked there!

Oxidized sterling rings featuring rare turquoise from Crow Springs and Cripple Creek Mines…

Stud earrings featuring gold bezels, Fox Mine turquoise on sterling backings, and sterling oxidized feather studs!

“As The Crow Flies” necklace, featuring Crow Springs Turquoise, bronze hand stamped backing, pure silver bezel. Necklace rests on doubled different kinds of sterling chain and peridot gemstone clasp with my trademark jeweler’s tag.

“River Stripes” necklace, featuring Crow Springs Turquoise set in pure silver bezel, bronze hand stamped backing and resting on a longer sterling oxidized chain. Topped with my jeweler’s tag and labradorite gemstone clasp.


New Items in SPERO, Boutique in Concord,MA.

For those who don’t know, “Spero” means “HOPE”, and so I was inspired to make these studs in two versions (oxidized and bright) out of PURE recycled silver~

Also new at Spero are unique lariat necklaces…


New completed commissions! I now offer “Custom Totem Bracelets” in my Etsy Shop, and recently made a bear for a lovely customer. This bracelet is on sterling half round bracelet with a hand sawed one of a kind bronze bear that has been acid patina darkened and hand scratched and etched to mimic bear fur! A red healing arrow has been engraved as well…

To grab one of your own, copy and paste the link below into a new window in your browser:

I’ve also just finished a pair of custom sterling silver 5/8″ plugs~these lovelies feature stamped in Frida quotes around mini 4mm bullet chrysoprase gemstones…

Also new to the ETSY SHOP are two new large turquoise rings from my finds at the Tucson Gem Show!

Behold the Turquoise Mountain and Cripple Creek Mine Rings! Both stamped on the back with either “Rockin’ the Cripple Creek” or “Rockin’ the Turquoise Mountain”…





check out the new items in the new Boutique, and check back this weekend for and Etsy Shop update!

Turquoise Festival…!


A shop update will happen afterwards to share all my new turquoise goodies for jewelry making! Shops closed from Tuesday night to Sunday night.

In the meantime….some news!

New Gemstones just came in the other day, behold my treasures…

New gems are~ 5mm faceted sky blue topaz, 4mm faceted garnet, 6mm smooth garnet, 6mm smooth Arizona stabilized turquoise, 6mm faceted labradorite, 6mm faceted sea foam gems, 6mm smooth prehnite, 10mm faceted smokey quartz teardrop gems, 7mm smooth rainbow moonstones, 7mm clear crystal, and 8mm black pyrite fool’s gold! All perfect for rings or earrings…



my messy work bench…full of gems to be utilized, silver and bronze sawed shapes and a full buffet of scraps, clippins, dustins, and all the good stuff that comes out of studio work. Wondering what those weird bronze snakes are for? Keep an eye out for Medusa….Silver bubble cross shapes? Check back in my Gauged By Stasia Etsy shop for wampum gauged Native hoops!


Above^pure silver bezels for commissioned gauged gemstones in the works and ready to be soldered and torched! After a full day and night in the studio~all commissions are finally done, wrapped, and sent in every direction!

Check back after next week for the prettiest natural RARE turquoise you ever did see!


New pieces just in~double click any image for a larger view~

Silver and bronze leaf stacking rings now in the Etsy shop~get your own set with however many of each you’d like!

In the Gauged By Stasia Shop~

New tunnels featuring PURE recycled molten silver open circle blobs with gemstones~

pictured below is the current pair in 0 gauge (for sale in Etsy shop) and a commissioned pair in 2 gauge (NFS)~

New to the shop is another style of bronze 14 gauged tribal dangles for those who wear 14 gauges or to wear through tunnels~

Newly created for commission~

I recently was fortunate to make another pair of custom 0 gauge plugs for one of my favourite customers! These lovelies feature hand sawed sterling silver cherry blossom flowers with stamen curled over flashy 6mm faceted labradorite gemstones. From the petals dangle different colored Swarovski crystals!


This one of a kind stunner features hand sawed and forged dangling charm elements. My freshly made Nativango (Native-Tango) tangles the layered look, a rustic vintage vibe, the gypsy charm element, and the Native gems for a complete package of sophisticated funk. Gems of labradorite, turquoise, sunstone and high quality natural White Buffalo Turquoise shown off in pure silver settings on sterling silver oxidized backings and rest on 3 layers of oxidized sterling chain. Little sterling hand sawed heart arrow charms and tags make this necklace’s spunk climb up your collar bones, and at 21 inches long it will comfortably fit a multitude of people! See the full description and details in my Etsy Shop!




~~~~~***IN THE WORKS***~~~~~

“At The Bottom Of The Sea Necklace”~

featuring a high quality designer cut fossilized coral stone and amethyst gemstone necklace of sea wonderment in sterling silver-to be rustically patinaed, with adjustable chain!

More Gauged Work….

These were just finished the other day~ a custom order for a lovely repeat customer. Fine and sterling silver open tunnel flower blooms in 0 gauge. These are great subtle beauties that can be made in any size! A delight to create and an awesome order idea…

On the way, ‘The Romantics’ jewelry line, and ‘The Once Forgotten Forever Worn’, a collaboration of myself and artist Tory Novikova, of