Western Massachusetts Gem/Mineral Show

I know…I have a problem.

I just can’t seem to contain myself, I keep buying rock after beautiful rock. But….at least I can share….

2 new drusy cabs-the lovely seafoam colored one has a little dendrite (plant fossil) on the bottom-see? These both have incredible sparkle, the seafoam one is currently being made into a honkin’ ring…size yet to be determined…


This is an old gaspeite cabochon I acquired yesterday. These stones are a rare mineral to find (this one was the only one I saw at the whole show). They can be anywhere from this color green to a bright neon green, and will occasionally have a brownish matrix in them. This mineral usually hails from Australia, or Quebec, Canada as this one did.


Next, we have (above) genuine Baltic Amber. This piece is FAT, and like all amber very light. The white splotch is the price tag on the other side (lazy lazy me not removing it). When looked at closely…closer than my silly camera will allow…you can see a couple of bugs. Gross, but cool, right?


I have so much of this, but I couldn’t resist. This is a lace agate, not uncommon, but these pinkish tones are so romantically themed I just had to snatch it up. I love the very circular ones as this that look like tree rings. Please note~ there is already a pure silver scalloped bezel around this one that I whipped up, as I have a ring design in mind for the cabochon.



This is a pair of tear dropped drusy cabs (roughly 10mm tall). They are incredibly sparkley and light reflective, perfect for gauges and earrings. Its so hard to find good matching pairs so as soon as I saw these I grabbed them. I know they’ll make someone happy.


Koroit Boulder Opal~

Finally found one! These stones have been getting VERY popular, and I haven’t gotten my hands on any at all, so I finally buckled down. Along with Opal being the October birthstone, it is also the birthstone of the Zodiac Libra sign. ALL of it is found in Australia, and the browns are from iron mixed with the opal. This kind of boulder/matrix opal from Koroit, Australia is very sought after, and this piece has great light reflective, glow and a very nice pattern.


Alright, saved my favourite stones for last, and I’m sure anyone that knows me can guess they’re turquoise….



I’ve never gotten my hands on any of this mine before until now. Because of this, please know that the stone on the left is *not for sale* ~ I’m keeping it for my collection…The Carico Lake Mine Turquoise is from Nevada, Southwest and named after its location (dried lake land). It produces a highly collectable and unique green color because of the amounts of zinc in the area. This teal/green is similar to a lot of dark variscite stones.


~~~**COMING SOON**~~~

To the StasiaSalvucci.Etsy.com shop….herkimer diamond rings!



Soon to be in for the Gauged by Stasia shop:::

1/2″ black onyx sterling and deer hide leather dangles…IN PROGRESS….


ofcourse, these are all along with the commissions that are in progress, soon to be finished for the lovely folk who’re waiting ever so patiently 🙂



on a side note, in other news my dear friend miss Tory of ToryNovaCouture (whom I warmly refer to as “the Russian Doll” when she ain’t around) is soon to be releasing scarves of her exquisite Shakespearean themed fashion line for Spring/Summer! The color and printing quality is sublime, the compositions and fabric a dream, the color palettes are true, blissful romance wrapped around your neck, all for you. Love them.

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