Glories of Couture Shtuff from ToryNovaCouture and New Turquoise!

Recently, my friend and fellow artist Tory Novikova of Tory Nova Couture released a fashion line with many unique and wonderful items. I am now the proud owner of two lovelies! So naturally, bragging must ensue.

I acquired these leggings from her Etsy shop ( I’m not a huge fan of leggings, but these are made of lycra which is thick, dense, and *glides* onto your legs. They are also surprisingly light! This stuff is made of dreams. What’s more, the sewing is perfect, the print lies on the legs in an attractive manner and is bold, original, and completely killer. All of the prints from her shop she has initially drawn *by hand*, colored *by hand*-all illustration work is done by her. Many are based on Shakespeare themes. I admit, I got these leggings for the skulls. This is part of her Carmen print. Now what I think is bloody fabulous about these are not only are there skulls involved, but it is done in such a tasteful and artistic manner that it in no way can be seen anywhere else or be considered cheap or cliche. As a painter, I consider the colors delectable. The reds are rusty instead of boring crimson, and the skulls and skeletons aren’t white but a nice warm gray-like the color of actual bones. The ‘blood’ almost has a paint splatter effect, which I adore-and the packaging was not only professional but slick to boot..

The second Tory Nova item I have acquired, is something I’ve secretly stalked and lusted after for awhile now. It is my absolute favourite print of hers, for Swan Lake. She has dresses, ties and scarves for this print. The scarves come in two color options-the full original saturated version and a lighter, airy version for Spring/Summer. I love the original print-the colors are romantic without being too girly or feminine. I completely adore this and *live* in scarves. The fact that this one is super long (also comes in a square version for kerchief style) but also extremely light is grand for all seasons in my book.

How wicked are these!? And they perfectly match my Romantics Jewelry line as well 😉 More for that line coming this summer.


In other news, for all the gauged folk-I couldn’t wait. I photographed the new natural Kings Manassa Mine turquoise, and it is all top notch. I am pleased with the quality-there are no cracks, fractures or “blemishes” on these stones and all have great polish. They are all brilliant colors! Unfortunately, there are few stones on the round side for gauges. These are what I’ve picked out from the lot that could work as pairs for plugs or for regular earrings:




AND NOW~ I BRING YOU ALL THE OTHER GOODIES TO CHOOSE FROM-these are separated into groups roughly by shape. If you desire anything custom with any stone(s) of your choosing, just say the word…



Great stuff right? Now a little info on the mine:

~~**Kings Manassa Mine Information**~~

This American mine is located east of Manassa, Colorado. It has been mined for centuries by Native American Indians and is thought to be the oldest mine in Colorado. This kind of turquoise was named after I.P. King, who came upon the mine around 1890. The King family owns the mine and it is most famous for its green and blue/green colored turquoise. The highest of qualities and rarest of Kings Manassa turquoise are a deep green, and green with golden matrix.


Also acquired recently!!! :

Beautiful, beautiful GENUINE WAMPUM. This lovely wampum has been carved by artist Mark Changing Bear of . Mr. Mark is one of the few wampum carvers left. He also does amazing work carving wampum into feathers and totem animals. He is currently carving my totem: deer, for me! Check out the “custom” section on his website, or the Etsy shop he and his lovely wife Candida run :  As the wampum I have photographed below was gifted, it will not be used in any custom orders, *however*, if you desire anything custom with wampum just say the word and we can most likely collectively make something special for you…


Last, but not least…

I consider my jeweler’s trademark to essentially be an “S” with two opposing arrows on either side. Please know that I am working on creating a one of a kind metal stamp for a more unique jeweler’s signature! This will be my brand and alter ego, “STRAY ARROW”. This will be coming within the next month or two and be stamped onto all of my future jewelry pieces for a more unique and recognizable signature to last the ages! Get ready.


Wearable Stories Collection

~Tory Couture~

A newly created line of truly unique couture clothing. This line is created by my good friend and fellow artist Tory Novikova and her associate Marina. Tory is the conceptual designer and talented, unique illustrator behind the beautifully depicted characters of Shakespearian delight. Her expert choices in color palettes, compositions and character interpretations conjure the feel of Shakespeare’s famous page-turning tales. Her associate Marina is responsible for this amazing collection transformed into life-the real, soft, couture fashion that can saturate you with glee as it glides across your own skin! You will not take your eyes off of any mirror you pass! This extraordinary team has worked an exorbitant amount of design and production work for this masterful collection to come into being, and has in turn given birth to a fantastical realm of statement pieces to be attained by few…

Copyright Tory Novikova

Copyright Tory Novikova

~*view their new collection at the following websites, now for sale*~