Gem Show and New Work Preview…

Well, I went to the gem show with the intention to restrain myself from buying too many sparkley goods, and have succeeded! Only three new cabs this weekend…

one a beautiful light and white dotted variscite stone, one stunning red fossilized dinosaur bone, and one big fat flashy labradorite…




New goodies for the Gauged folk will hit the shop Wednesday:



New goodies for the main Etsy shop…

mini turquoise drop stackers from the Royston mine. These are perfect for turquoise lovers looking for an everyday ring or something on the less expensive side!

Other new turquoise is a large ring featuring a fantastic natural Nacozari turquoise of  a brilliantly deep blue…

Also coming soon is a new edition to the Romantics Line, for winter…

“The Evergreen Necklace”

featuring a snowy moss agate and two teardrop rainbow moonstone gems. The main pendant is set in a pebbled piece of recycled pure silver…

Lastly is the “Winter Lace” ring, featuring a collector’s slice of Calico Lace Agate with snowflake like orbs in the background.

Keep a look out in the shops on Wednesday!

xx Stray Arrow


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