“In The Golden Air”…

Well, I have returned and the Etsy shops are back in action. The final batch of “made to order” items purchased while I was away will ship out Monday at the latest. Commissions will be resumed this weekend. For now, a few of the pieces recently completed that will hit the shop Sunday evening…

Men’s Water Feather Ring– featuring a piece of high grade turquoise from the Kingman Mine with pyrite in it that I acquired in Bisbee, Arizona. This lovely has been stamped with feathers like my “Feathered Bands”. A perfect rugged piece for the gents who dig the Southwestern look.

In The Golden Air“, a necklace for the month of October. The quote is from William Cullen Bryant’s poem “October”. This necklace shall be part of the Romantics Line. It features a beautiful crazy lace agate with swirls that look like orange flowers towards the bottom. A green gem and faceted rainbow moonstone follow bronze and silver leaves up the chain. A little oak leaf has been sawed out in the back, to let the beauty of the stone come through….

And, for the Gauged Folks…

its time to gear up for Hallows Eve!

Ruby Saucer Blood Droplet plugs…these little *garnet gemstone* guys are currently made in a 10 gauge, but can be made in any size up to 1/2″…

and of course, skulls aplenty in any gauge size…




Now for some new gemstone and rock goodies, all up for grabs for custom orders:


also, everyone’s favourite: Herkimer Diamonds

and last but grandest, a superb olive coloured natural turquoise from the Crow Springs Mine, a perfect oval size for ring, bracelet or necklace:


Well, thats it for now folks. Thanks for all the patience while I was away. Expect frequent blog posts, NEW Halloween packaging, and plenty of new pieces to celebrate the upcoming Samhain on the way!

in the meantime, I’ll be taking a break from the sweets I’ve been surviving on the past two weeks….maybe…

xxStray Arrow


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