New Items, A Taste of Home, and NEWS-

Firstly, a brief photo viewing of the pieces that’ll be listed today, Sunday. Then some photos of the outdoor ventures in this lovely New England Autumn weather. Lastly, some very important news concerning the month of October for my shop and all jewels.


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I’ve been swooning over this delightful weather lately. I’ve been opening all the windows and the door to the studio to let through the nice crisp breeze. I love hearing the leaves rattle and fall….





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I am excited to say I am moving my home and studio from the woods to a city. This is going to be a hectic and semi slow process, so in the coming month a few things will change in the shops:


There may be a few 2-4 day spans when they’re on “Vacation”, but on the whole they’ll be open. Many of the “made to order” items will be deactivated. Mostly “ready to ship” pieces will be available. If you’re looking for something you were hankering for and no longer see it listed, convo me either on Etsy or email me here:  I may have studio time available to whip it up. If something is listed, it means I CAN make it. Production time will extend on all orders to 2-3 weeks.


If I have started conversing with you about a commission, don’t worry. I still have a studio to work in and we can create something lovely for you in a timely manner. I will NOT be taking custom orders during the month of October UNLESS it is a very desired and needed gift for someone (I’ve got a soft spot). If you do have an idea for a custom order you’re serious about, contact me to plan for it come November/December.

Everything should be settled by November in PLENTY of time to handle the Holiday season which I am very excited for this year. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to contact me! I will update moving status on my Facebook and Instagram (@thestrayarrow).


I hope you’re all enjoying the season!

Another blog update will occur Tuesday, Oct. 1 with further (happy) news! Stay tuned folks-

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Preview Day

A few new items will be hitting the main shop over the weekend. They feature my favourite group of goodies: turquoise, wampum, emeralds, and koroit opal! I’m still recovering from being sick, so production has slowed a bit. For all custom and “made to order” items taking a little while longer, don’t fret! Your lovelies have not been forgotten, they’ll be with you soon ❤


First up we have a darling little size 5 koroit boulder opal ring from Queensland, Australia. The opal has been set in a gold fill bezel and blackened silver ring design. Nice and simple to highlight the awesome flash of this rock. The electric royal blue looks like lightning on dark bark, and what really sets this piece apart is the opal matrix in the center of the stone is clear! At the right angle you can see straight through.



Next up we have two turquoise rings. These both tie into my Romantics theme of poetry quotes, Autumn, and the Southwest. The size 7 3/4  Hour by Hour ring features a rounded triangle cut of ribbon Royston turquoise. On the outside of the ring band lies the quote, “Dead leaves scatter, hour by hour”. This is from Oscar Wilde’s, “Impressions, I Le Jardin”. The second size 6 3/4-7  Tracks in Dusk ring features two different coloured old stock turquoise pieces from the Kings Manassa mine. They resemble abstract animal tracks. The quote on the inside of the ring band reads, “Braided dusks of the oaks“. This is from Sidney Lanier’s, “The Marshes of Glynn”.








Also coming to the shop are two new wampum pieces. I’ve made little genuine wampum post earrings that resemble the “Evil Eye”. These beautifully high grade plum wampum pieces have delicious bands of purple and white. They are set within gold fill bezels and blackened silver borders for some moody contrast. The Wampum Charms Shield Necklace features a grand piece of wampum as the main pendant. Accompanying it are deep green faceted emerald gems, a sweet little 4mm ruby, a natural old stock Cerillos Mine turquoise stone, and little hand sawed leaf shapes within the silver chain.




Check back in the shop this coming weekend!

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