“And life, in rare and beautiful forms, is sporting amid those bowers of stones…”

Tourist migration weekend has passed, and my birthday has gone. Thankfully during time off the past few days, I’ve been able to whip up some new wonders for the Etsy shops. Also! For all you gauged folk out there desiring more rare turquoise ear bling, I’ve recently tracked down some BEAUTIFUL turquoise from the King’s Manassa Mine. I’ll be photographing these and posting them for your choosing by this coming weekend!

I was able to sneak off to the beach last week, before the weekend rush. It was beautiful having it almost to myself…the ripples and patterns in the sands were like webs, ensnaring all visitors to lengthen their stay…

and from all that is the ocean and summer, I stumbled upon a poem that seemed familiar although I know I’ve never read it. I feel in love with it immediately….:

~*The Coral Grove-by James Gate Percival*~

“Deep in the wave is a coral grove,

Where the purple mullet, and gold-fish rove,

Where the sea-flower spread its leaves of blue,

That never are wet with falling dew,

But in bright and changeful beauty shine,

Far down in the green and glassy brine.

That floor is of sand, like the mountain drift,

And the pearl shells spangle the flinty snow;

From coral rocks the sea plants lift

Their boughs, where the tides and billows flow;

The water is calm and still below,

For the winds and waves are absent there.

And the sands are bright as the stars that glow

In the motionless fields of upper air:

There with its waving blade of green,

The sea-flag streams through the silent water,

And the crimson leaf of the dulse is seen

To bulch, like a banner bathed in slaughter:

There with a light and easy motion,

The fan-coral sweeps through the clear deep sea;

And the yellow and scarlet tufts of ocean

Are bending like corn on the upland lea:

And life, in rare and beautiful forms,

Is sporting amid those bowers of stone,

And is safe, when the wrathful spirit of storms,

Has made the top of the waves his own:

And when the ship from his fury flies,

Where the myriad voices of ocean roar,

When the wind-god frowns in the murky skies,

And demons are waiting the wreck on shore;

The far below in the peaceful sea,

The purple mullet, and gold-fish rove,

Where the waters murmur tranquilly,

Through the bending twigs of the coral grove.”

From this, came this ring, soon to be in the Etsy shop!:

Also new is the FLIGHT NIGHT ring…made of oxidized sterling and petrified palm wood…soon to be in the Etsy shop…

New to the shop already are one of a kind bronze lariat necklaces and raw stones necklaces…double click to enlarge…

Goodies for the Gauged by Stasia shop include sterling domed flowers with 14k gold fill molten inside dots, come in all gauge sizes…

Chained gauges in all sizes and styles….


and! Beautiful rutilated quartz plugs, currently in size 0 gauge but I have more rutiliated quartz for any custom sizes…

last but not least….coming by next weekend…the Crow&Buffalo bracelet, with sterling, and genuine White Buffalo turquoise…this piece is in progress!


New Pieces, New Stones

I’ve been neglecting this blog, so this is going to be a long long post.

First up, pics of recent commissions and pieces…

#8 Mine Turquoise Ring-SOLD-made with rose gold, oxidized sterling, natural turquoise from the rare #8 Mine, and a gemstone iolite on the back ring band.

Burning Bright Ring~RESERVED~featuring a striped montana agate stone in oxidized silver with the quote “Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright”, from William Blake’s poem stamped on the back.

Fossil Necklace~Coming soon to the shop! Features a cephalopod fossil in pure silver on a sterling backing and long chain. This has a dragonfly sawed out on the back!

These PEACOCK PLUGS were a custom order~LOVED making these. They’re actually detachable. Sterling scalloped tunnel plugs with oxidized sterling chains. From the chains dangle mini crystals and freshwater pearls in peacock feather themed colors. The peacock feather earrings with hand forged sterling clamps/earring hooks are separate.

This was a custom order. TALISMAN NECKLACE~I loved creating this one. It features a Kings Manassa Mine turquoise, all hand forged sterling goodies and an amethyst gemstone flower clasp. The back features a raven and a quote by Emerson. I will definitely be making more of these domed gemstone flower for gauges and earrings!

Another custom order~Walt Whitman Statement Ring~This has to be one of my favourite quotes of all time. The ring features a bloodstone and genuine Baltic Amber, with Whitman’s quote from his poem “O ME! O Life!” on the front and back:

“Answer: The powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse”

Matching Wampum Set~custom order~This set featured a matching ring and necklace (second ring is MINE).



In the past 3 weeks I’ve been to 2 gem/mineral show…so I have MANY new goodies. Also new goodies from other sources, most pictures are on top of or near hands to show rock sizes. All pictures are left unaltered in terms of color, etc. These have only been cropped and photographed in natural sunlight.

If you see anything you like for a custom piece, feel free to email me or send me an Etsy message…

Lace Agate

Amethyst sage

Calico Lace Agate-matching pair for earrings. These are a bit more lilac in color than the photo 

Campitos Mine Turquoise~Natural stone from the Campitos mine, similar in color to the famous and huge Sleeping Beauty Mine but a touch lighter. This would make a great long “finger shield” ring.

Natural Candelaria Mine Turquoise~This is the only stone I’ve found from this mine. It has a beautiful beautiful webbed matrix and amazing colors.

On the left-a *high quality* Crow Springs Mine turquoise-similar in color to the Cripple Creek Mine. On the left-a Pilot Mountain Mine turquoise.

Damele Mine Turquoise-this is a stunning old stock natural stone from the Damele mine which is rare! This is high quality with the rarer color scheme of lime/white/yellows and dark dark blues/browns/blacks. Because of how rare this is, I can offer a “Certificate of authenticity” on the mine for any jewelry pieces created with it.

Botswana Agate-this one has sweet little white dots on it which is a little more rare-a very romantic stone.

Eudialite (Eudialyte). These are rare, and even more rare to find one faceted! This stone comes from Russia and has beautiful wine like colors. This would be a great pendant with a little gem above the top.

Fordite-its debated whether these stones are natural or man made, but the colors in this are lovely.

Garden Quartz-this is fairly hard to photograph. It is suspended minerals in a quartz matrix-this stone features all red/flame colors. It basically looks like flaming moss, very great in the light.

Indian Mountain Mine Turquoise-THIS.STUFF.IS.RARE…

This is the only stone I have ever had or seen from this mine, it is very very collectable. This sweet little button features a bright blue colors with black inclusions. Because of how rare this is, I can offer a “Certificate of authenticity” on the mine for any jewelry pieces created with it.

Kings Manassa Mine Turquoise~This is one of my favorites out of the rare American Southwest Mines. They features amazing color patterns and great webbing. These two cabs have a fantastic polish and are roughly a little bigger than a USA half dollar. Really, really great quality.

Matching Geodes! These are so nifty. Great for earrings or gauges~these are mini geodes split in half (so quite tall and domed). These sparkle and shine in the sun or the dark.

Matching Eudialyte cabs for gauges! These would be best with 1/2″-1″.

Matching Kingman Mine Turquoise cabs for earrings/gauges

*these are currently reserved!*

Faceted quartz gem with pyrite (fool’s gold) inclusions! These are rare, and these ones have great clarity.

Mini genuine Wampum

The focus isn’t great for this one, but I wanted to get as close as I could. This stone is a picasso jasper-and has an amazing image within it. Can you see a horizon line? See the girl in the middle with the orange blouse, and black skirt walking along in the meadow? This stone is just stunning. Perfect pendant size at roughly 1 1/2″

This one is a RAW RUBY. Yes. That’s right. Genuine ruby-this is what you start with before you grind, cut, and facet it down into a gemstone. This stone is fairly large, and raw. A lovely light wine color.

White Buffalo Turquoise Ribbon~this stone is a “ribbon” or “boulder” cut because there is a ribbon of white turquoise in the host rock (black chert).

Matching pair of natural super sparkly drusys! Great for gauges or earrings

Smaller matching natural drusy for earrings/gauges

A STUNNING Pilot Mountain Mine natural turquoise stone-seriously high quality, great polish and amazing amazing colors! This lovely is roughly 1″ tall.

Variscite-also from the Southwest like Turquoise. The bottom pic is of a matching pair. Top pic the larger stone is roughly 1.5″ tall.

This is a stone similar to labradorite called larvikite. This is a mix of rainbow moonstone and some other black stone-incredible flashes of a more slate blue/gray. Perfect for gauges (0 or 00 gauge).


I am still in shock of finding this, yes this, little tiny square thing. It is a natural stone from my favorite turquoise mine of all time-The Red Mountain Mine. This stuff you just don’t find anymore.period. This has an amazing webbing, and the rusty red patterning within the blues that the mine is famous for. This is rare rare rare, collectable, and impossible to ever find. This stone I’m keeping for myself, but just had to share.

So, I know I keep gushing about turquoise mines and how rare the ones I find are. I know most people out there don’t know about turquoise. I’m going to give you two example pictures, which will hopefully help all realize how rare the stones I collect are, and how much they go for…

The pic below is a *high quality* Red Mountain Mine turquoise, it retails for something around $500USD…

The picture below this is from the most famous and collectable Southwest mine out there: the Lander Blue Mine from AZ. There were only 98 lbs. of turquoise recovered from this mine-famous for its black webbing and blue blue colors. The LOWEST I have seen this kind of turquoise go for is $100USD per CARAT. That is more than emeralds and rubies my friends..this stone would be over $1,000 USD….:

Turquoise can be easily faked these days, unfortunately. If people don’t know their mines and sources they can be easily tricked. All of my turquoise is bought from collector’s, those that acquire it from the actually mine owner’s, or those that actually mine it themselves.

Well, there you have it. New goodies, new gems-New Etsy shop update with MORE jewelry pieces will be Tuesday.