New Items, New Thoughts.

This post may be a bit longer, as I feel text has been slightly dwindling from this blog. Firstly, new items! These will be hitting the shop later tonight and tomorrow.


Stone rings in natural old stock Royston and Manassa mine turquoise, and a luscious pink rhodochrosite.







Other newer pieces include mini “Sweet Sayings” rings. These sterling bands feature delightful short quotes by yours truly. Each ring features a different quote, but they can be made to your size upon inquiry. Currently made are: “We are the brazen bold“, and “A darling day for rain” (for the English). These sterling bands are patina darkened and then  polished to a steel like finish, with the darkened quotes hidden on the inside of the ring band. On the outside is my jeweler’s mark. These also make great knuckle rings.




A wampum necklace with mini wampum beads, old stock cut of green Manassa mine turquoise, wild horse magnesite Crossed Arrows dangles, and silver & rose gold stackers will be joining them.







It’s also been pretty evident that I’ve been somewhat neglectful of the Stretched Ears Jewelry shop. The Arrow Vanes, signature Stray Arrow wear, will soon be available in multiple gauge sizes in the shop. I’ll also be making more plugs featuring rare turquoise (Blue Moon mine), and other designs quite soon.


Now for my favourite new addition. Awhile ago I made a necklace for myself that, along with The Stray Arrow necklace, has become a signature daily piece. Out of bronze and silver sheet metal I made a 5 string banjo. Completed with a wrap around quote on the body, and sawed out arrow in the back. I’ll be offering these in the shop as of tonight as a *CUSTOM* piece. The quotes and backing design can be customized. Four string banjos are also available. They’ll put a little folk mountain life in you. No templates, all hand forged.








That’s it for new items for the next few days. I’ve also been working on some custom orders that’ll be shown here and the usual outlets (Tumblr, Instagram @thestrayarrow, Facebook), once finished.

A Note-

I’ve been noticing people imitating my work. While this is a touchy subject that seems taboo to talk about, this is getting unavoidable. Artisan one of a kind jewelry design is a difficult art to protect when compared to other art fields. Copies will happen. “One offs” are tolerated and occasionally flattering if the artist is *given credit* as being behind the inspiration. This is unfortunately not the case. I have been seeing people not only imitate my very specific signature materials (not that one can ever claim to own such a thing), but my writing descriptions, photography style, work title style and themes, and my overall aesthetic entirely. A continual ‘paraphrasing’, if you will. Most people have the grace to come up with their own designs, for those that don’t they bring down the work of others. I want to reiterate and remind everyone that if there is space to stamp my half inch “STRAY ARROW” logo onto an original piece, and it is not there, it is not made by me. This means that it is not backed by my quality guarantee, nor my 6 years of turquoise study experience. Just because a piece of turquoise is claimed from a mine does not equal good quality. I am an artist with eccentric interests, and my jewelry work is an extension of that. I try to be respectful of everyone’s creative and intellectual property, and truly wish the same in return.


In other news, I’ve been in the process of taking some jewelry group shots of pieces for things like packaging, cards, and promos (hint hint *soon*). Below are some of those shots, as well as some really great folks wearing my jewels. Click on their photos for their respective work links and check them out!



^lady Arlie, of Urban Revisions in 14k yellow gold and dark silver faceted sapphire gem ring. Paired with her new white glass jewels!


^the extremely talented Rachel (photographer), in Royston turquoise and dark silver necklace.


^Dominique of Couture Vulture wearing Stray Arrow No-see-’ems, and mini crystal rings by Concrete Polish.


Cave Ladies, Shooting in The Dark,


still a favourite.

Cave Ladies




That’s all folks! I leave you with an illustration from one of my favourites, the Pink Fairy Book~



xx The Stray Arrow


Mini New Item Preview

These lovelies will be in the main shop and in the plugs shop later this evening. Another item preview will be next Sunday~







xx Stray Arrow

Rock Appreciation Day




For Rock Appreciation Day we have….


Other names the stone has been called are, “Crazy Horse”, and “Appaloosa”. It is called Wild Horse for it’s similar patterning to the Appaloosa horse. It is unfortunately often mislabeled as turquoise or white turquoise. Hailing solely from Southern Arizona wild horse is seen in a lot of Native American Indian jewelry, along with turquoise, coral, and shell. It is considered quite rare because of the one current Wild Horse marketed source, and is very popular.

Magnesite is magnesium carbonate. Wild Horse differs from your basic white/gray magnesite because it has hematite mixed in, giving it beautiful white and brownish patterning. It is around a 4-5 on the hardness scale, and in the Calcite rock group.

The picture below shows the current Wild Horse Magnesite stones I have in stock. They range from decent quality (left) to highest quality (right). The higher the quality, the more separated and clear the minerals within the rock are, thus the incredible bark like patterns. The decent quality (note: NOT low or poor quality, of which I don’t stock), can have lighter mauve colours blended within it. All of these are up for grabs for custom orders. The three long oval shaped highest quality would be grouped for a bracelet.




I currently have one piece with Wild Horse Magnesite up in the shop. Below is that piece, The Stormy Plains Ring, and other pieces with Wild Horse that have sold.








Below is a ring I currently have in progress. The White Oak Bark ring features a lovely little drop of Wild Horse Magnesite, set on a hand sawed sterling silver white oak leaf with rose gold fill veining. This will be in the main shop later on…


White Oak Bark ring


That’s it folks!

A big heads up that by the end of tonight will be a very important blog post about a GIVEAWAY.

Don’t miss out! There will also be another mini blog post tomorrow with a PREVIEW of new items before they hit the shop tomorrow night and Monday.

xx Stray Arrow