The Fire Still Burns…

Not only do I have new jewelry pieces to share before they hit the Etsy shops on Tuesday, but I also have a short story for you all, which will be at the end of this post….

I have been banging out made to order items and commissions, while at the same time making a few new pieces in time for Samhain (All Hallows Eve/Halloween). As always, silver skulls are aplenty. Now, I am currently working on expanding my “Stormy Night” Black Bird series in the Gauged by Stasia shop. These feature gem and silver plugs with 3D black crows or ravens that spread their wings from the gems. This style will also be on a ring within the next few weeks…

Story Night Part Two. 00 gauge. Larvikite gems.

New to the Jewelery shop are more bronze skull dangles, and a new series…

The new series is “The Grave Series”, based on Old Puritan gravestones in New England. Many of these graves would feature skulls flanked by angel wings at stone headers, with the phrase “Momento Mori”. This is a modern term for R.I.P.=Rest In Peace, and literally means, Remember Your Mortality. This doesn’t have to be interpreted cryptically. Momento Mori could just be a little boost to appreciate all and everything. The Puritan gravestones were all carved by hand back in the day, and each one has a unique (some goofy) expression. Each piece of this new mini series will have its own personality, hopefully you can find one that suites your own….

currently there are one pair of plugs, and this necklace in the series. Coming soon are more plugs, necklaces and rings….





My artist friend Tory, of Tory Nova Couture,has recently made some new goodies for Halloween as well. These are just too adorable and delectable not to share! Illustrating different skeletons and monsters she has created the perfect quick costume idea: unique and humorous quality pull over masks. These cuties come in kid and adult sizes, perfect to snag you the “coolest grown up” award! These are illustrated 360 degrees…check them out in her ETSY shop :




Well folks, I believe its story time…

As I have posted before, “Atsenhaienton” is translated to “The Fire Still Burns” in Mohawk Iroquois. This is the name of a mini jewelry line I had started with a pair of dangles featuring genuine wampum. From these dangles sparked interest, and now one pair of plugs has been made in this style, another is in the works, and talk of a possible Atsenhaienton necklace may come into being.

Each piece of this collection highlights a little shard of a history. Whether it be your own or another’s, histories and mythologies can be how we define ways of life and being and seem to always stay with us.

From this inspiration, I have made a ring based on one of my favourite Iroquois tales (specifically Seneca Iroquois, or Haudenosaunee). Please note that although I am an enthusiast, I am not a scholar or…known for my accurate spelling. The names in this tale are phonetic, and are approximate…

Ga-oh, Spirit of the Winds, chose his aids from the terrestrial because of their knowledge of the earth; and when his reverberating call had ceased its thunderous echoes, he opened his north gate wide across the sky and called Ya-o-gah, the Bear.

Lumbering over the mountains as he pushed them from his path, Ya-o-gah, the bulky bear, who had battled the boisterous winds as he came, took his place at Ga-oh’s gate and waited the mission of his call. Said Ga-oh, “Ya-o-gah, you are strong, you can freeze the waters with your cold breath; in your broad arms you can carry the wild tempests, and clasp the whole earth when I bid you destroy. I will place you in my far north, there to watch the herd of my winter winds when I loose them in the sky. You shall be the North Wind. Enter your home”. And the bear lowered his head for the leash with which Ga-oh bound him, and submissively took his place in the north sky.

In a gentler voice Ga-oh called Ne-o-ga, the Fawn, and a soft breeze as of the summer, crept over the sky; the air grew fragrant with the odor of flowers, and there were voices as of babbling brooks telling the secrets of the summer to the tune of birds, as Ne-o-ga came proudly lifting her head.

Said Ga-oh, “You walk with the summer sun,and know all its paths; you are gentle,and kind as the sunbeam, and will rule my flock of the summer winds in peace. You shall be the South Wind, Bend your head while I leash you to the sky, for you are swift, and might return from me to the earth”. And the gentle fawn followed Ga-oh to his great gate which opens the south sky.

Again, Ga-oh trumpeted a shrill blast, and all the sky seemed threatening; an ugly darkness crept into the clouds that sent them whirling in circles of confusion; a quarrelsome, shrieking voice snarled through the air, and with a sound as of great claws tearing the heavens into rifts, Da-jo-ji, the Panther, sprang to the gate.

Said Ga-oh, “You are ugly and fierce, and can fight the strong storms; you can climb the high mountains,and tear down the forests; you can carry the whirlwind on your strong back, and toss the great sea waves high in the air, and snarl at the tempests if they stray from my gate. You shall be the West Wind. Go to the west sky, where even the Sun will hurry to hide when you howl your warning to the night”. And Da-jo-ji, dragging his leash as he stealthily crept along, followed Ga-oh to the furthermost west sky.

Yet Ga-oh rested not. The earth was flat, and in each of its four corners he must have an assistant. One corner yet remained, and again Ga-oh’s strong blast shook the earth. And there arose a moan like the calling of a lost mate, the sky shivered in a cold rain, the whole earth clouded in mist, a crackling sound as of a great horns crashing through the forest trees dinned the air, and O-yan-do-ne, the Moose, stood stamping his hoofs at the gate.

Said Ga-oh, as he strung a strong leash around his neck, “Your breath blows the mist, and can lead the cold rains; your horns spread wide, and can push back the forests to widen the path for my storms as with your swift hoofs you race with my winds. You shall be the East Wind, and blow your breath to chill the young clouds as they float through the sky”. And, said Ga-oh, as he led him to the east sky, “Here you shall dwell forevermore.”

Thus, with his assistants, does Ga-oh control his storms. And although he must ever remain in his sky lodge, his will is supreme, and his faithful assistants will obey.

All text of this tale was taken verbatim from a version written and translated by Harriet Maxwell Converse (Ya-ie-wa-noh). Converse lived  and studied with Seneca in the late 1800’s to early 1900’s.

This ring is simply made with sterling silver, patina, and a beautiful little round wampum featuring both its purple and white colouring. Four arrows have been stamped to represent the four wind directions. The ring band is stamped with “Atsenhaienton”…

check back to the Etsy shops Tuesday for these new items, and more…

and…coming soon…


xx Stray Arrow


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