Studio Mess.

Just because.

This is my messy, messy, work bench. I use VERY limited tools. Another bench to the left in an L-shape is where the torch, quench bucket, pickel, and steel punches are at. 

I’m normally fairly “messy” in general as I constantly use and reuse my metal scraps from sawing. So, here’s a little taste for you all!




The sweater is what I place my computer on, right in front of me when sawing or working. I usually go through whole TV series, broken up by audio lectures (usually philosophy, history, or 18/19th century poetry lectures).




Pliers, files, coping saw, metal scraps.




Ring mandrel for forming ring shanks and sizing, deer hide for setting stones without damaging the rings. My busted v-board and fat c-clamp are on the right for sawing. 

That’s all folks! A tiny peak into the Stray Arrow world. Messy, messy, cluttered, world. More to come!

xx Stray Arrow.

Turquoise Festival…!


A shop update will happen afterwards to share all my new turquoise goodies for jewelry making! Shops closed from Tuesday night to Sunday night.

In the meantime….some news!

New Gemstones just came in the other day, behold my treasures…

New gems are~ 5mm faceted sky blue topaz, 4mm faceted garnet, 6mm smooth garnet, 6mm smooth Arizona stabilized turquoise, 6mm faceted labradorite, 6mm faceted sea foam gems, 6mm smooth prehnite, 10mm faceted smokey quartz teardrop gems, 7mm smooth rainbow moonstones, 7mm clear crystal, and 8mm black pyrite fool’s gold! All perfect for rings or earrings…



my messy work bench…full of gems to be utilized, silver and bronze sawed shapes and a full buffet of scraps, clippins, dustins, and all the good stuff that comes out of studio work. Wondering what those weird bronze snakes are for? Keep an eye out for Medusa….Silver bubble cross shapes? Check back in my Gauged By Stasia Etsy shop for wampum gauged Native hoops!


Above^pure silver bezels for commissioned gauged gemstones in the works and ready to be soldered and torched! After a full day and night in the studio~all commissions are finally done, wrapped, and sent in every direction!

Check back after next week for the prettiest natural RARE turquoise you ever did see!