Studio Mess.

Just because.

This is my messy, messy, work bench. I use VERY limited tools. Another bench to the left in an L-shape is where the torch, quench bucket, pickel, and steel punches are at. 

I’m normally fairly “messy” in general as I constantly use and reuse my metal scraps from sawing. So, here’s a little taste for you all!




The sweater is what I place my computer on, right in front of me when sawing or working. I usually go through whole TV series, broken up by audio lectures (usually philosophy, history, or 18/19th century poetry lectures).




Pliers, files, coping saw, metal scraps.




Ring mandrel for forming ring shanks and sizing, deer hide for setting stones without damaging the rings. My busted v-board and fat c-clamp are on the right for sawing. 

That’s all folks! A tiny peak into the Stray Arrow world. Messy, messy, cluttered, world. More to come!

xx Stray Arrow.


One thought on “Studio Mess.

  1. A messy work bench It’s a sing that you are busy, mine look the same, and I hate when it’s to tidy, normally mind my inspiration it’s gone…
    Wonderful post 🙂

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