Studio Mess.

Just because.

This is my messy, messy, work bench. I use VERY limited tools. Another bench to the left in an L-shape is where the torch, quench bucket, pickel, and steel punches are at. 

I’m normally fairly “messy” in general as I constantly use and reuse my metal scraps from sawing. So, here’s a little taste for you all!




The sweater is what I place my computer on, right in front of me when sawing or working. I usually go through whole TV series, broken up by audio lectures (usually philosophy, history, or 18/19th century poetry lectures).




Pliers, files, coping saw, metal scraps.




Ring mandrel for forming ring shanks and sizing, deer hide for setting stones without damaging the rings. My busted v-board and fat c-clamp are on the right for sawing. 

That’s all folks! A tiny peak into the Stray Arrow world. Messy, messy, cluttered, world. More to come!

xx Stray Arrow.


Brimfield Antiques Show

This past week and weekend I visited the show at Brimfield. For those who don’t know about it, Brimfield is an expansive antiques show in Western Massachusetts that occurs three times a year. The Brimfield Show happens in May, July, and September, and always from a Tuesday to Sunday. People travel from all over to go to the show. I normally go twice to cover all of the fields. While my main objective each time is to go and cry over all of the beautiful vintage jewelry I wish I could afford, it’s always fun to see what other treasures people are offering up to the sunlight. Below is an offering to you if you couldn’t be there in person! I’ve compiled a few photos from each day.


Tuesday. Day 1.

Brimfield rows

middle eastern


Picture 38

Picture 44

Steel Punches

squash blossom setup

The Stray Arrow decked.

*Jewel wear for the day.




grand Brimfield tree



native case

native case 2

native case 3

native case 4

native case 5

Hopi Rope Dance Ring

*Hopi rope dance ring.

The Stray Arrow NWCoast

*took this beautiful bracelet home with me! A sterling silver piece from the Northwest Coast. This stunner is completely hand etched, and unique in the it has two heads instead of a head and tail theme. The back is joined by tail feathers from each head. Inside is stamped AND signed! A rare find.

NWC Bracelet Closeup

Stray Arrow.

*jeweled get up second day, including a large genuine wampum necklace.


I also walked off with a couple tidbits for display during the upcoming Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn.


In other news things will slowly be changing in the shop. For the next two months I’ll be doing some slight alterations, and during the month of June it is possible that some of the “MADE TO ORDER” items will be temporarily or permanently taken out of the shop. These items include mini stacking rings, stud earrings, and nose screws. If you have any concerns about this feel free to ask! (email: StasiaArts[at!] If you’re pondering an item, best to snag it soon! Especially with the MAY SALE almost over.


xx Stray Arrow.