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While I’ve been busy in the studio there’s been a slightly diminished online presence. I’m still banging away on jewelry as ever. Custom orders have been churning out steadily and my silly slow move has been coming along. Soon the new place will be fully set up with a new organizing system for jewels and stones. I’m excited to share photos upon completion! In the meantime, please don’t forget that the October SALE ends next Friday! See the shop for details about the sale.

Now! For some spur of the moment fun…

For a one time, one use coupon code for 20% off in the main Etsy shop


*indicate the four leaf in the photo and email or message it back to me either on Etsy or at:

First person to properly locate it will win, and I’ll message them the coupon code.



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New Items, A Taste of Home, and NEWS-

Firstly, a brief photo viewing of the pieces that’ll be listed today, Sunday. Then some photos of the outdoor ventures in this lovely New England Autumn weather. Lastly, some very important news concerning the month of October for my shop and all jewels.


Picture 4

Picture 3




I’ve been swooning over this delightful weather lately. I’ve been opening all the windows and the door to the studio to let through the nice crisp breeze. I love hearing the leaves rattle and fall….





Picture 6

Picture 7

Picture 9







I am excited to say I am moving my home and studio from the woods to a city. This is going to be a hectic and semi slow process, so in the coming month a few things will change in the shops:


There may be a few 2-4 day spans when they’re on “Vacation”, but on the whole they’ll be open. Many of the “made to order” items will be deactivated. Mostly “ready to ship” pieces will be available. If you’re looking for something you were hankering for and no longer see it listed, convo me either on Etsy or email me here:  I may have studio time available to whip it up. If something is listed, it means I CAN make it. Production time will extend on all orders to 2-3 weeks.


If I have started conversing with you about a commission, don’t worry. I still have a studio to work in and we can create something lovely for you in a timely manner. I will NOT be taking custom orders during the month of October UNLESS it is a very desired and needed gift for someone (I’ve got a soft spot). If you do have an idea for a custom order you’re serious about, contact me to plan for it come November/December.

Everything should be settled by November in PLENTY of time to handle the Holiday season which I am very excited for this year. If you have any questions about any of this feel free to contact me! I will update moving status on my Facebook and Instagram (@thestrayarrow).


I hope you’re all enjoying the season!

Another blog update will occur Tuesday, Oct. 1 with further (happy) news! Stay tuned folks-

photo 3-27

xx Stray Arrow

New Stones, Peer News!

New stones scored yesterday at a gem show!

At the bottom of the post find new goodies by a friend and fellow artist, perfect to pair with crispy Fall weather...



Shattuckite (very high grade), Native silver in Cobaltite (very high grade), rainbow moonstone, porcelain jasper, merlinite dendritic opal, pyrite in clear quartz, kyanite (two gems), green tourmaline, watermelon tourmaline slice, carey plume agate, agua nueva agate with druzy pockets! (collector quality), light pink agua nueva agate.

Any of these can be used for custom orders. The darker native silver piece in the bottom left of the first photo is being held for a piece I’m using in a Winter collection…


photo 1-3

photo 2-2

photo 3-3

photo 4-2

photo 5-1

photo 1-4

photo 2-3

photo 5-2


Miss Tory of ToryNova has officially released printed leggings of deliciously soft and stretchy lycra featuring more of her own illustrations. These are great and stylish for staying warm in Fall. I’ve already got the Sea Voyage babies to pair with my new heeled ankle boots!



New Item Preview…

These couple of new rings will be hitting the shop today, ranging from size 6-7.

Check back to the blog late this afternoon or tomorrow to see the AMAZING new haul of gemstones and stones I got at the rock show yesterday!








That’s it folks! Check back soon. The stones posted later can be reserved for custom orders

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New Item Preview

I’ve spent a little time lately outside of the studio, doing inventory of the pieces I already have made up. A ton of jewels have been sitting quietly and patiently in the corner, waiting to be photographed and listed. I’ll be posting some of these throughout today (Sunday) and tomorrow. I’ve also reshot some oldies but goodies. Oldies will be posted first, followed by newer pieces. If you’ve been keeping up with my Instagram (@thestrayarrow), you may have seen some of these already!

























(ghost echo)
















Check back to the shop for these new pieces soon!


xx Stray Arrow

Rock Appreciation Day.

For Rock Appreciation Day this month we have King’s Manassa Mine Turquoise. 


Manassa mine turquoise has also been called King’s Manassa turquoise, King’s turquoise, and was originally called the Lick Skillet mine. It is located in South Central Colorado near Manassa. The Manassa mine is reputed to be the oldest turquoise mining deposit in Colorado, and was speculated to have been mined by the Anasazi Pueblo peoples. The mine was “rediscovered”, or founded, by Israel Perviose King when he was searching for gold in 1894. He filed claim on it the next year. The mine has stayed with the King family and is now with his grandson Bill King.

The turquoise from this mine is some of my favourite. It is known for it’s deep greens with host rock rhyolite golden brown matrix, but can produce turquoise in a range of colours.


The turquoise can come in solid colour, bi-coloured, or with host rock webbing. It pairs beautifully with gold and some of the most saturated dark greens are among the most collectible. I love that turquoise from this one area has been used for over 1,000 years and is still seen as a prized and treasured finite commodity.


Below are photos of pieces used with Manassa turquoise that have been sold or claimed.





















Picture 20



Below are photos of Stray Arrow jewels still available!








In the works is another triple turquoise ring in the “Three Needles” horse shoe style everyone has been asking about! Coming to the shop soon.



That’s all folks!


xx Stray Arrow

New Items, New Thoughts.

This post may be a bit longer, as I feel text has been slightly dwindling from this blog. Firstly, new items! These will be hitting the shop later tonight and tomorrow.


Stone rings in natural old stock Royston and Manassa mine turquoise, and a luscious pink rhodochrosite.







Other newer pieces include mini “Sweet Sayings” rings. These sterling bands feature delightful short quotes by yours truly. Each ring features a different quote, but they can be made to your size upon inquiry. Currently made are: “We are the brazen bold“, and “A darling day for rain” (for the English). These sterling bands are patina darkened and then  polished to a steel like finish, with the darkened quotes hidden on the inside of the ring band. On the outside is my jeweler’s mark. These also make great knuckle rings.




A wampum necklace with mini wampum beads, old stock cut of green Manassa mine turquoise, wild horse magnesite Crossed Arrows dangles, and silver & rose gold stackers will be joining them.







It’s also been pretty evident that I’ve been somewhat neglectful of the Stretched Ears Jewelry shop. The Arrow Vanes, signature Stray Arrow wear, will soon be available in multiple gauge sizes in the shop. I’ll also be making more plugs featuring rare turquoise (Blue Moon mine), and other designs quite soon.


Now for my favourite new addition. Awhile ago I made a necklace for myself that, along with The Stray Arrow necklace, has become a signature daily piece. Out of bronze and silver sheet metal I made a 5 string banjo. Completed with a wrap around quote on the body, and sawed out arrow in the back. I’ll be offering these in the shop as of tonight as a *CUSTOM* piece. The quotes and backing design can be customized. Four string banjos are also available. They’ll put a little folk mountain life in you. No templates, all hand forged.








That’s it for new items for the next few days. I’ve also been working on some custom orders that’ll be shown here and the usual outlets (Tumblr, Instagram @thestrayarrow, Facebook), once finished.

A Note-

I’ve been noticing people imitating my work. While this is a touchy subject that seems taboo to talk about, this is getting unavoidable. Artisan one of a kind jewelry design is a difficult art to protect when compared to other art fields. Copies will happen. “One offs” are tolerated and occasionally flattering if the artist is *given credit* as being behind the inspiration. This is unfortunately not the case. I have been seeing people not only imitate my very specific signature materials (not that one can ever claim to own such a thing), but my writing descriptions, photography style, work title style and themes, and my overall aesthetic entirely. A continual ‘paraphrasing’, if you will. Most people have the grace to come up with their own designs, for those that don’t they bring down the work of others. I want to reiterate and remind everyone that if there is space to stamp my half inch “STRAY ARROW” logo onto an original piece, and it is not there, it is not made by me. This means that it is not backed by my quality guarantee, nor my 6 years of turquoise study experience. Just because a piece of turquoise is claimed from a mine does not equal good quality. I am an artist with eccentric interests, and my jewelry work is an extension of that. I try to be respectful of everyone’s creative and intellectual property, and truly wish the same in return.


In other news, I’ve been in the process of taking some jewelry group shots of pieces for things like packaging, cards, and promos (hint hint *soon*). Below are some of those shots, as well as some really great folks wearing my jewels. Click on their photos for their respective work links and check them out!



^lady Arlie, of Urban Revisions in 14k yellow gold and dark silver faceted sapphire gem ring. Paired with her new white glass jewels!


^the extremely talented Rachel (photographer), in Royston turquoise and dark silver necklace.


^Dominique of Couture Vulture wearing Stray Arrow No-see-’ems, and mini crystal rings by Concrete Polish.


Cave Ladies, Shooting in The Dark,


still a favourite.

Cave Ladies




That’s all folks! I leave you with an illustration from one of my favourites, the Pink Fairy Book~



xx The Stray Arrow

PREVIEW NIGHT plus Rock Appreciation Day!

Below are some of the jewels that will be going into the shop on Wednesday and Thursday…







Blood Dagger Arrows






be sure to enter in the discount code if you make a purchase in the shop from now until Monday the 8th at Midnight!





For this month, I could only chose one stone. I’ll be highlighting Castle Dome Mine Turquoise, as its become a staple for my Mini Cave Lady Rings! I thought about doing black pyrite for a second stone, but don’t have enough jewelry pieces to use as examples. I’ll have to plot and cook up something big for August!





Castle Dome turquoise is quite rare as it is a closed mine. Depicting bright light blues as it’s signature, it is located near Globe, Arizona. Castle Dome is also referred to as Pinto Valley Mine turquoise, and it is similar to it’s close neighbor the Sleeping Beauty Mine. Natural material of this is hard to get as most of the rough from when the mine was closed was stabilized and/or used for beads. It started, like many other turquoise mines, as a copper mine. Because of the mining methods used initially (aka blasting. yikes), many of the veins and structures of the turquoise later uncovered were extremely fractured. There wasn’t much solid rough available for lapidary artists to cut.



Personally, I’m not particular to ‘plain blues’ in turquoise. This mine in particular, (and its similarly hued cousin the Blue Moon mine) has grown on me. There are very subtle hues in a lot of the Castle Dome mine turquoise that you don’t find in your standard robin’s egg blue or Sleeping Beauty mine turquoise. It has light “watermark” patterns, that aren’t webbed or water webs. I adore pairing it with darkened silver, as it gives it contrast to highlight the stone. It also makes for a macabre pairing, and always reminds me of the bottom of pools.



I’ll be using more of this turquoise in fresh designs soon. What’s pictured is all I have left!

xx Stray Arrow


This post may be a little late, but here is a tish of my experience of the Renegade Craft Fair last weekend in Brooklyn, NY.

I chose to exhibit sharing a booth, essentially splitting the 10’x10′ tent space. This way I could test the market without going all out, as I’d never been to Renegade before. The day before I made the 4 hour drive, and was lucky to be able to stay with my friend in New Jersey for the weekend so I wouldn’t rack up any hotel costs. Everything had already been organized, labeled, and packed. It was all set for us to rise early and make the drive to Williamsburg for set up. We woke up late, as is our norm. We were still able to get there with plenty of time to find close street parking (!), and unpack the car.

I devised a way for us to carry everything all in one haul. Instead of a dolly, which would have been awkward for the car, I packed a large oversized folding grocery cart…thingy. I then also packed a fully loaded plastic storage cart (sans wheels) that fit perfectly into the bigger cart once unfolded. The cart, one large plastic container with handles, a roller case for delicate jewels and display case, plus one big bag for survival (food, water, etc.), was all we needed. Oh, plus my huge awesome-tastic banner.

To brighten things up, my friend and I ended up wearing the same bright cadmium red. I wore my “pirate wench” dress.


We also some some strange things on the walk to the park that made me think, “Ah. Back in Brooklyn”.


We were extremely lucky on a few counts. Our booth mates were from Brooklyn and renting a tent for us to share. They had it set up the day before (!), so my friend and I didn’t have to think that much that early in the morning. Not that we aren’t morning…ish…people. I work at night, so I was on a backwards schedule. The other lucky bit what that our booth mates were just genuinely nice all around. They were great people and easy going throughout the entire weekend.

I think the luckiest part of the entire experience is that neither of us got heat stroke or died. It was very, very hot. Very. Plus humid. It took a tole on everyone. I used one of my postcards as a fan, Tory, my amazingly fantastic helper friend, was on cold drink duty. It was absolutely brutal, especially for an autumn/winter lover like myself.

There was plenty of time and then some for set up. I chose a crisp white table cloth, and plain organic woodlands vibe. I paired store bought display cases with my hand built and painted vertical displays. I painted everything to match in two main colours- washed out beachy white/mauve/gray, and dark wood. As my jewelry pieces as a whole cover many different themes and tastes while still be easily identifiable as “Stray Arrow Wear”, I wanted to keep the table clean looking while still being cluttered with jewels. The second day the bark discs I drilled holes in to keep rings tied down was traded for a long darker piece of drift wood for ring display. Here are a couple shots, click on any photos in the post for links:


(Tory examining display)


Silver post earrings with silver and deer hide dangles featuring black pyrite. Behind them is a case containing my two most expensive items: the Three Needles bangle with old stock rare turquoise from 3 mines in the Southwest, plus diamond slice in 14k. It shared the case with my grand Spider ring featuring two pieces of natural old stock genuine Bisbee Blue Lavender Pit turquoise (!!!), and a quote from Mary Howitt’s poem, ‘The Spider and the Fly’.

A couple photos of my booth mate’s goodies, natural soy wax candles. Kirsten, of Oille Natural, had the great idea of covering the candles so we wouldn’t get sick smelling them in the heat for days, along with smelling each scent separately. Each signature scent was covered by a glass globe you lifted up and smelled inside of, instead of lowering your head to the candle. It looked extremely classy, and left me with a burning desire for cake.



Some photos of other fun things at the Craft Fair…









I was also happy to meet a lot of new grand folks at the fair. Along with the booth mates from Oille Natural, there were some really talented jewelers there- each doing unique lines. I traded with a few folks, and loved the sense of comradery. Megan Massacre, of Wooster Street Social Club tattoo, stopped by. She was on FIRE with Phoenix flamed hair, and her nails amazingly matched her friend’s neon hair. They were both really great and enthusiastic, and Megan left with a mini Castle Dome mine turquoise knuckle stacker in darkened silver. She so sweetly took a picture of it with a couple other of her ring scores after the fair, as well. Look familiar? She’s been in two TLC tv shows – NY Ink, and America’s Worst Tattoos.





Another really great aspect of Renegade that came as a complete surprise? The food was DELICIOUS. Now, if you know me personally, you know I’m a complete food snob and picky eater. I was spoiled by a mother who should have been a chef, and I can cook fairly well. This stuff, was good. The first day we had duck confit dumplings and roasted cauliflower wantons with sauce (pictured). The second day we had grilled cheeses, delicious ice cream (dark chocolate, ginger, and strawberry), and falafel with salad. This was broken up by a constant stream of iced coffees, water, and raspberry tea.




My friend Tory rocks my jewelry. It fits perfectly with her little tiny romantic self. She’s got some bite and edge in her too, so with every new grand piece, she likes to see it in person. After trying this bold beauty on, she knew it was hers!



Tory is also an amazing illustrator. As a by-product of her constant need to create, she’ll soon be releasing a line of leggings to her shop! I’m getting me a pair in trade for the ring that called to her!




Other trades that happened: The badass Angela behind Concrete Polish Jewels traded me two of her Spike Crystal themed rings for a great pair of 1/2″ chrysocolla gemstone silver plugs. Linda the darling behind Fleatherfox snagged herself a black pyrite Mini Cave Lady ring for a Bow and Arrow knuckle ring. Arlie, the complete sweetie behind Urban Revisions, traded this huge glass statement necklace for a mini dark silver and 14k gold sapphire stacker ring…






At the very end of the Craft Fair, I also traded with our booth mates. For some sweet rose gold fill stackers and rose gold fill stacker with balled open silver circle, I got two delicious candles. The first scent is Saint Croix, a newly released scent with elements like coconut. It smells like summer at the beach. The second is something I would want for everything….perfume, deodorant, soap, life essence…yes everything. It’s called McGregor, and it is bourbon, brown sugar, and cedar wood. Can there be a better pairing? I think not. I’ve been burning it at my jewelry storage/packaging station, its a light scent but still present. The candle kept the room smelling divine even hours after I blew it out.




Best part of the entire trip? Dough, a scrumptious doughnut shop in Brooklyn, was a food vendor. I took home two blood orange, and two hibiscus. Three actually made it home with me, and none survived the night.




If in summer, DO wear open toed shoes if possible. I made the mistake of wearing ballet flats, and because it was so hot my feet were bruised and sore because of it. They still are.

Do also bring a lot of water, more than you think you’d need.

There’s no such thing as enough change and singles in your money box, but having credit card acceptance is a big plus too (Square and Paypal both have handy mobile phone reader/swiper/attachment thingys).

Find shade. It makes you happier. No matter how hot it is, when people are in bright sunlight they get…squinty. It makes you harder to read as a person. That being said, wearing sunglasses can also be seen as putting a shield between yourself and the potential customer. Unless you stayed up late the previous night, for any…variety of reasons, it may be best to leave them in your bag.

Bring tissues. This is a BIGGIE. If at a fair or show that is outdoors, and there are portable toilets…chances are there won’t be TP in there waiting for you. That being said, hand wipes are an essential as well.

Food: find something you don’t need to actually touch. In other words, something you can eat with a utensil. When handling food and then going right back to touching your products, its just a no-no in general.

Make sure you have SOME kind of identifying signage. If you don’t, it will make you look unprofessional, and your fans will never find you!

Take a stroll around. A lot of vendors cling to their booths like clinging to the rail of a ship being tossed around by an angry sea storm. You absolutely NEED a buddy with you. Show them a little trust, get up and go meet your peers. People are doing amazing things and they’ve taken the time and effort to make displays and share it with the public. Go visit with folks, and ALWAYS hand out your card. The best marketing can be just exchanging business cards.



That’s all for Renegade. You’ll have to excuse a lot of the photography as it was done in a heat induced  delirium with a phone camera.

In other news….

Starting Monday, for one week in the Main Etsy Shop, I’ll be having a 



PLEASE do not forget to entire in the code, I will not be making refunds if you forget. This doesn’t apply to custom orders. Sale STARTS Monday at 12pm, and runs through until Monday the 8th at midnight.

Why the sale? I have no a/c in the studio, and it’s melt-worthy outside. I’d much rather be packing you up lovely discounted jewels at my air conditioned packaging station indoors. Help me not melt, buy something at a discount. Spread the word, I rarely have sales and if so, they’re at 10%. This is a BIG. DEAL.

(I really loathe hot weather, if you hadn’t picked up on that)



That is all.


^Tory in front of crochet bombed bus.

xx Stray Arrow.