Guillotines are Handy + Preview Night

So I now have two amazingly new handy and…well…*A-MAZING* tools to work with. Firstly, my new guillotine, compliments of lady Alice-the best non-grandma-grandma ever. Alright….it is *really* called heavy duty shears for cutting sheet metal-with all the class of a medieval chopping block….now instead of sawing ring bands slowly and filing them perfectly straight I can just chop them straight and smooth in seconds! Talk about a time saver!



The second new goodie is my new, glorious, and overall self-promoting jeweler’s stamp! Custom made for me from *my hand drawn logo design* into carbon steel. Now all jewelry pieces (except plugs) shall be marked with this! It simply says “Stray Arrow” with an arrow underlining it. Look for it on all new work!…




and now. a preview

rings coming soon in square labradorite (design and size undetermined) and American Southwest variscite (size undetermined)

Also a soon-to-be ring is the Southwest History ring with natural King’s Manassa Mine teardrop turquoise and a stunning Wild Horse Magnesite in sterling, possibly 14k rose gold fill embellishments (size undetermined)


another version of the King’s Manassa and rose gold droplet ring, in a size 8. Patina and oxidation are almost finished.

AND! The King’s Feathered Ring, featuring a really funky rare natural King’s Manassa Mine turquoise stone, and a thick fat feathered satin finished ring band. Ring size is 5.5 on a mandrel, but because of the width of the band will fit *at least* 1/2 size smaller…

can you tell that I am in love with this one? Good thing I made it too small for myself. The way the satin feathered ring band is done is so nice and soft against the skin-I hand sanded the insides vertically so they slip onto your fingers smoothly. I will most likely be making plain fat ring bands in this style-made to order in ye own size.


-black leather fringe dangle earrings with sterling in two sizes

-mini “Chained and Charmed” bracelets, earrings and necklace


So, not as many new goodies as I had hoped, but I have been slaving away on commissions, commissions, commissions. All of them are REALLY groovy, I am excited. Fear not! If you have commissioned something from me it is in the works. Here is a taste…

below~finished lapis lazuli with pyrite inclusions plugs, King’s Manassa Mine turquoise and feather silver dangle plugs…

Also recently finished were a pair of 1 inch hollow sterling plugs featuring 3 King’s Manassa Mine turquoise stones on each plug earring, ornate borders, and secret Joni Mitchell quotes on the the inside backings! 

*ONE* of the many commissions in the works…Candelaria Mine (rare rare rare!) Turquoise ring and Apache Mine Turquoise and crow bracelet. This is all one commission, and includes a STUNNING old stock rare Damele turquoise, but it is currently in the studio and I refuse to venture out when I hear photos of it will have to wait. These will be done completely within the next few days!…

Well folks, that’s all for now. The new finished pieces will hit the shop this coming Sunday by 8pm. There are new pieces just posted in the Gauged shop and more on the way Sunday. This week I am off to hunt the fields at the Brimfield Antiques Show, wish me luck and good turquoise finds!

xxStray Arrow


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