Snooze You Lose, and Other News

These Turquoise rings are now at the Muse’s Window shop in Concord, MA.


Bummed? Been stalking one of these? No worries. New turquoise rings will be in the shop soon!


Other new items in Muse’s Window include wampum silver dangles and Kings Manassa Mine turquoise rustic post earrings….





In other news, on Saturday I will be attending the yearly “Olde Home Day” in my town. A celebration before July 4th where our Farmer’s Market sell their goodies in the festival. The Etsy shop will be closed for this day, and new items will be posted for your oogling eyes Sunday. 


Saturday will be filled with the basic essentials of silver body embellishments-a grande selection of mini stud and dangle ear bling, sweet mini necklaces including a new line of Nordic Futhark runes, and lovely Native inspired leather bracelets, necklaces and belts.

I currently have my new jewelry stamp in progress and it should be arriving within the next couple of weeks. I have some seriously exquisite couture statement rings waiting to be punched with this stamp! So do expect a few gems to hit in the shop within 3 weeks time…in the meantime, new mini goods and my exciting custom orders are all in the works! Check the Etsy shop announcements for the next blog PREVIEW of new items before hitting the Etsy shops soon.


The Stray Arrow



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