Turquoise Conquest

Well, what else is new. I’ve acquired more turquoise…

Recent conquests yield 3 pairs and one large cabochon of natural turquoise. The first two pairs are perfect for the gauged folk or those desiring earrings…


First up, we have mini Pilot Mountain mine turquoise with water webbing. “Water webs” in turquoise is like your basic spider web pattern-which is a web between the turquoise and host rock (the higher of qualities among turquoise). The difference is a water web is a webbing pattern entirely out of turquoise! As you can guess, this means its an even higher quality than your normal webbing. This mini pair is adorable, sweet, and roughly 7mm diameter for each cab. These would work in a plain style for anything 4 gauge and smaller, or higher gauges if given some kind of border…

For our second pair, we have water webbed natural turquoise from the Kingman Mine in Arizona, Southwest. This is the *highest quality* Kingman I’ve gotten my fingers on thus far. These lovelies have a very defined web to them, and are roughly 14mm in diameter. They would work in a plain style for anything 00 gauge and smaller, or anything above 00 gauge with a border of some sort…

Our third and last pair are free form triangles-great for dangling bits/bottoms on gauges or normal sized earrings. They are Nacozari turquoise- a mine located in Mexico that is highly sought after for its extreme “blueness”. It occasionally can have black inclusions-this pair and one additional cab are all that I currently have from this mine. These lovelies have a very slight water web to them. They are roughly 20mm tall. I can see these swinging with open tunnels, moonstone, rose quartz, or more turquoise…

For our last turquoise cab…we have a gem.

This natural webbed cab is from the Pilot Mountain Mine, and is not only the highest quality I’ve had from this mine, but one of the higher quality turquoise stones I have. period. The tight webbing is incredible, these photos are *unaltered*, and the depth of the lush green teals and rusty ochre patterning is drool-worthy (and collector’s quality, too).  I’m thinking about keeping this gem for myself, unless someone

*really falls in love with it*




In other news, just dropped off *FOUR NEW RINGS* for lady Karin at The Muse’s Window in Concord, MA. Behold…what you’re missing out on!

White Buffalo and Kings Manassa Mine rings:

goodies are just waitin’ in the pot!
new gems include: AZ turquoise, white crystal, rainbow moonstone, prehnite, garnet, amethyst, and white topaz…
Well folks, that’s it. We’re having a heat wave in New England, and anyone who knows me knows I hate heat to begin with. No A/C in the studio…it is an official sauna. Today has been a break day (in other words…restocking packaging goodies). New items will not hit the shop until the weekend after this coming one…commissions are in progress!
Stray Arrow
stay cool ladies ‘n’ gents

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