Wearable Stories Collection

~Tory Couture~

A newly created line of truly unique couture clothing. This line is created by my good friend and fellow artist Tory Novikova and her associate Marina. Tory is the conceptual designer and talented, unique illustrator behind the beautifully depicted characters of Shakespearian delight. Her expert choices in color palettes, compositions and character interpretations conjure the feel of Shakespeare’s famous page-turning tales. Her associate Marina is responsible for this amazing collection transformed into life-the real, soft, couture fashion that can saturate you with glee as it glides across your own skin! You will not take your eyes off of any mirror you pass! This extraordinary team has worked an exorbitant amount of design and production work for this masterful collection to come into being, and has in turn given birth to a fantastical realm of statement pieces to be attained by few…

Copyright Tory Novikova

Copyright Tory Novikova

~*view their new collection at the following websites, now for sale*~




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