Pattern and Texture Love.

I, like many of the smiths I know, am a nut for patterns and textures.

This is mainly ever seen in the rocks I collect (hoard).

My entire home and world is filled with an overload of different prints, patterns, paintings, plants and flowers, shelves upon shelves of books and rocks, anything that captures me.

Below is a little peak into my life of this for your enjoyment…

A bit of my world of pattern love~


^print close up by a Beehive print from Kris Johnsen, click on photo


^Swamp print by Tory Novikova (click photo)



xx Stray Arrow


T+S Jewelry Line

The Once Forgotten, Forever Worn

A collaboration between myself and artist Tory Novikova, this couture one of a kind jewelry line features minutely detailed resin set paintings of mythical creatures (some not as well known as others). These beautiful works of art are set in pure and sterling silver necklaces with bronze inlays of designs that coordinate with the creature of myth and are topped with our trademark tags and gemstone clasps. Currently finished and available are the Mermaid and the Phoenix, coming soon are the Griffon and Lilith, and a very ornate Medusa (the Gorgon). Find them in my Etsy store or contact us through email~to view an image larger simply click~