New Pieces, New Stones, Commission News…

It’s been a little bit, hasn’t it?

I think it’s time to share some of the new stones I’ve been amassing. I’ve been releasing stones less and less, taking on less commissions so they can be wrapped up quicker. This has proved to be a science; something I’m still tweaking. Commissions are still taking longer than I would like, and lengthening regular production times of “made to order” pieces in the shop as well. There’s much more involved: hashing concepts and designs out, spending hours getting back to conversations and inquiries, sketches, etc. that I do not charge for.

Because of this I will be making a monthly commission amount cap. This will change slightly depending on what the commissions are and how much extra time will be involved for each. I want people to enjoy the process and I love doing them so folks get exactly what they’re hankering for, and I’d like them to not have to wait as long to receive it either! To make this process faster and easier I’ll also soon be drafting up a little form for folks who are interested in custom orders to fill out… basic info that sometimes takes me awhile to get from potential customers that can draw out the process. More on this soon.

In the meantime, here they are!

New all natural stones as listed, some freshly cabbed straight from the mine owners, some old stock. If interested in any of these please shoot me an email:, or convo me on Etsy.

Note that as usual, until a solid design is nailed down and agreed upon, and a deposit is paid, no stones can be reserved.













These new items will be in the shop today~



Screen Shot 2015-01-17 at 3.16.43 PM



More stone stackers with Rune Drop sides. Also on the new side and growing in popularity are Rune Weavers and Rune Drop Stackers, for which customizable listings will be created soon with a rune guide!




That’s all folks!

Thanks again for taking peak into the backgrounds of my jewelry workings, staying in touch, and for the overall general support of my creativity!




Many people vaguely know about “Viking runes” or “Nordic runes” but few know the mythology and origin behind them. They are often believed to be a writing system, but they are also meant as magical symbols that can imbue objects with their assigned meanings. I am not going to pretend to be an expert as there is a lot of controversy and limited first hand sources-and I am no scholar. I will share with you what I have discovered in my own research…


There are two full rune “alphabets”- Elder Futhark, and Futhark. Although it is less complete, I am going to focus on the Elder. Elder Futhark is thought to be the oldest form of runes discovered. They were used by ancient Germanic speaking peoples and can often be found on ancient artifacts like stone monuments, and weapons. Elder Futhark first appears in literature in a story called the Havamal, in a book called the “Elder Edda”. As most of these texts have been translated there are always discrepancies, but here is a little excerpt:

“Odin said:
I know that I hung on a high windy tree
for nine long nights;
pierced by a spear -Odin’s pledge-
given myself to myself.
No one can tell about that tree,
from what deep roots it rises.

They brought me no bread, no horn to drink from,
I gazed toward the ground.
Crying aloud, I caught up the runes;
finally I fell.”


This sacrifice for knowledge is a continuous theme in most of Norse mythology. I think this is a way of thought many can relate to, or aspire to. Everyone feels better after they’ve earned something. I’ve loved Nordic sagas for a good while and discovered very little in the way of rune themed jewelry out there. So…envisioning each rune as a token, or a magical symbol, I’ve made some more affordable pieces of bronze, copper, and silver. I feel these could be great little charms for gift giving, or for oneself for a little push of ambition and aspiration towards something greater. I also love to focus on the sound of jewelry. The runes paired with my jeweler’s tags make a great light clink on the bangle bracelets-like little wind chimes. These bracelets now in the Etsy shop are a lot of fun when stacked! Check them out now:


Along with the Elder Futhark Runes, I have created Odin’s Ravens in silver form. Continuing my “Black Bird” theme, I have paired the birds with faceted gems on half round sterling oxidized bangles. In mythology, Odin has two ravens that fly around Midgard (the world of Man) and listen for information. They then sit on his shoulders at the end of the day for a debriefing. One bird is called Huginn, and represents “Thought”. The other is called Munnin, for “Memory”. These will hit the shop tomorrow, and can be customizable with whatever gemstone you desire that I have in stock…



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Finally Here…Almost…

Having an abundant number of interests and getting inspiration from a vast number of sources always seems to leave me flustered and behind. Well-not this week! It is officially crunch time. Why? Because it is summer, and like most folks I’d love a day or two outside myself! This week I will be finishing up ALL pending commissions, and FINALLY releasing these RUNES I’ve been hinting at. The affordable Runes line will include the mini bronze & silver necklaces already currently in the shop, bronze and copper rune bangles, and larger copper runes on deer hide leather for fellas and ladies alike. Odin’s ravens will also make an appearance in the silver bangle bracelet persuasion. This will tie in my Black Bird pieces. A blog post Thursday will explain the origin of the Runes in Nordic mythology, the original purpose and use of runes, and all of the runes to choose from for custom pieces. In one weeks’ time, next Sunday, will be my first Rock Appreciation day! Check back then for a full post dedicated to the controversial White Buffalo Turquoise~



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