Preview Day

The Giveaway necklace has been decided upon and finished! For the lucky winner chosen December 26th, the Koroit Opal Dirt Drop:


Koroit Dirt Drop

Dirt Drop Back

Dir Drop




These goodies will be added to both Etsy shops tonight and tomorrow.


Head In The Clouds

Head In Clouds Modeled

Fool's Traingle 4gs

Fool's Triangle Plugs

X Marks Spot Ring

X Marks Spot Modeled

X Marks Spot Kingman

Bronze Buffalo Hoops

Bronze Buffalo Hoop Backs

Damele plugs

Arrow Vane Stackers



And now, a new favourite.

Quality White Buffalo Turquoise, old Kings Manassa Turquoise, peridot gemstone, and a little poetry bring:

The Storm Caller

quote from William Cullen Bryant’s, “To The Fringed Gentian”


Storm Caller Main

Storm Caller Inside

Storm Caller

Storm Caller Side View

Storm Caller Back

Storm Caller Modeled


That’s it folks! Check out the shops later on~Don’t forget Holiday shopping deadlines!

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Finga Bling…

A brief preview of the new rings that’ll be coming to the Etsy shop soon. Expect them to be sprinkled throughout the weekend!




New plugs in the GaugedbyStasia shop will also be added this weekend! New items include 0 gauge Kingman Mine Turquoise plugs, 4g faceted rainbow moonstone, 8 gauge pyrite, and some beautiful rare turquoise plugs with dangling elements in 2 and 00 gauge. Keep your eyes peeled!


*Don’t forget, Rock Appreciation Day is Monday*

Have a good weekend all, enjoy the weather!


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