Friday Night Preview

For *some* of the items coming this Sunday….

Kings Manassa Mine Turquoise Rings:



US SIZES from left to right: 7, 5.5, 7 to 7.25…..also soon to be made for Sunday’s update are size 8 and size 9 versions!


DRAGON AND CROW MESSENGER BRACELET: to be finished in an oxidized/bright fashion! Featuring a nice piece of Crow Springs Mine Turquoise…see the other side on Sunday 😉


Now as most if not all know, being an artist is all about growth. The more you do, the better ya get. So I’m going to be taking old pieces I made a while back (pendants) and reworking them to be better than ever! Here are the goodies now, see them hung up all over again Sunday:



New goodies for the gauged folk:

currently made are prehnite gemstone 2 gauge sterling plugs and 6 gauge faceted rainbow moonstone with silver bullet drop plugs (oxidized). More to come!…Including a super special pair of the new “Stormy Night” styles with 3D silver crows! Additionally more dangles for tunnels. Check ’em out in the gauged shop Sunday (


Well, that’s it for now! Here are some recently (y’know. today being the recent) finished commissions: 

1/2″ baltic amber and carnelian gemstone silver plugs:

The carnelians are to be added to the shop as a “MADE TO ORDER” item in gauges 0-1/2″.


Last but certainly never least, a picture of a necklace I made for a friend’s birthday. This lovely features a hefty piece of genuine wampum, with silver arrow and tear drop tags, and an iolite gemstone silver clasp in my signature style!




Freyja and I bid you adieu 🙂  have a wonderful weekend all, check the shops Sunday during your afternoon tea time!