Outside and Inside…

Lately I’ve been biting off a bit more than I can chew. I’m slowing things down a few paces, trying to remember I’m just one person. A few items have been added to the main shop today. A few more are still *nearly finished*, and just need to be photographed and listed. Custom orders are coming along on time, as well as “made to order” items. If I haven’t began conversing with you about a custom order, please wait until mid February to inquire, as I am fully booked now! 

The next month shall consist of finishing all orders, tweaking some things in the shops (photographs, listings), and overall just some very preemptive “Spring Cleaning”. I will also be putting both shops on “Vacation” from February 11-18th. If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day goodies, *PLEASE* keep that in mind and order early! 

I’ve also been trying to spend a bit more time outside. The past few days have been very dark and fog ridden. The view from the studio has been particularly haunting. 







New pieces coming soon will include those below….The Double Drop Turquoise necklace featuring Kingman and Kings Manassa turquoise stones. Some Robin Hood themed pieces featuring the deep green colour the Manassa Mine is known for, with hand sawed arrows and feathers. The “Three Needles Bracelet”, implying evergreen pine needles. Three Needles is made up of primo turquoise pieces from the Royston Mine, Manassa Mine, and Fox/Cortez Mine. All mine names are stamped on the backs of their respective settings for authenticity. This is in mid-production, and will look nothing like it does at present…


Double Drop necklace

Double Drop turq necklace1

Robin Hood blog preview

Three Needles In-Prog


Alright folks. Back to the studio-cave beneath the mists for me. I hope everyone has been enjoying this lovely weekend!

xx Stray Arrow


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