Rock Day On The Way…

In replacement of the monthly “Rock Appreciation Day”, I have been working on a Turquoise Guide post. This will be for any turquoise enthusiasts, but primarily for customers to see examples and know exactly what they’re getting-whether it be Stray Arrow Jewelry or from elsewhere. There is a lot of turquoise jewelry out there-as there should be! It’s an amazing stone with so many lovely variations. Unfortunately, it is often misrepresented, not labeled at all, or people just don’t know enough to know what they’re looking at. This identification stuff can get pretty tricky, after all. Even mine owners and lapidary artists can fight about where a stone came from, and the more time has passed the harder it is to tell. So, the information I will be giving you is how *I* pick the turquoise I use. Specific concerns that factor into stone selection.

The post will cover: natural vs stabilized, location characteristics, and first and foremost quality. I’ll have examples from very low quality to museum quality. 

The most important part of this upcoming post will be a


created by me for use only within my shops, for my pieces. This will consist of a three star system, and be at the top of every single turquoise listing I create. I’ll stand by it so you know what you’re getting, and can have confidence in your purchased treasures. Because this is going to be extremely extensive, please allow me one more day to finish it! All of the examples are coming straight out of my own Treasure Chest from my collection. The post will be published tomorrow night and used as a reference point from then on. 




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