Rough Morning

I awoke this morning to, what in my eyes, looked like this:



my cat decided to go at my face for not waking up early to feed her. Now I sport a grand warrior wound (i.e. major scratch) alongside my left cheek. As I’m slightly allergic to cats, I’m betting this thing will last a good while. I hope everyone is having a better start to their day.


I have also started dabbling with blog searching and online shopping researching. I’d like to say it’s because I have no time to venture into the city and poke about stores for gifts going towards the magnitude of nieces and nephews I have, but mainly it’s because I’m curious. What do the rest of you do on your computers? I’m a complete stranger to the blogging world, in the most stubborn way. I love making things, I love being outside, and I loathe feeling boxed in staring at a tiny screen….and yet. There is so much fascinating imagery people post. So SO many options and paths to explore. What do the rest of you look at? Who do you follow? What websites do you look forward to with child like giddiness?


That being asked, I will approach the day like this (click on pictures for sources):



xx Stray Arrow


One thought on “Rough Morning

  1. Ouch! Cat scratches can be nasty; I hope you heal quickly. I am a photographer and love looking at Flickr. There are so many amazing artists there. Etsy also has many talented artists – search for ‘fine art photography’. Instagram is another daily gazer of mine. I love that it is images with just perhaps a little blurb and not all the filler of Facebook. is another. I also love jewelry and will look at Etsy shops swooning over all the beauties.

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