Rock Appreciation Day + Preview Night



*To repeat the disclaimer from the first Rock Appreciation Day: I AM NO LAPIDARY ARTIST OR GEOLOGIST/GEMOLOGIST. All of my information comes from research and experience working with these stones, not mining or cutting them.

The Damele Mine is located in east central Nevada near the Godber-Burnham Mine and Carico Lake Mine. It is also known as Damale, or Damaile. The mine itself is quite small, and also produces popular kinds of variscite and faustite (similar minerals to turquoise). The high zinc content makes all three stones types the bright, collectible green and yellow colours the Damele Mine is especially known for. This also increases the hardness of the stone, although the most yellows of the turquoise can be fairly soft. The stones from the Damele Mine that are more bright green or lime in colour are more often than not faustite or variscite. The mine doesn’t produce much turquoise anymore. Most new turquoise on the market is cut from old stock rough. As with most turquoise, high colour saturation and tight webbing determine quality. Webbing can be grey, black, or deep brown in colour. Because of the rare colour intensity, Damele is very collectible and highly prized.


The picture above is my current Damele collection, all those goodies are available for custom orders. Below are new Damele pieces coming to both Etsy shops over the weekend…





Also coming to the shop this weekend are pieces with koroit opal, high grade Crow Springs Mine turquoise, and rare and collectible Indian Mountain Mine turquoise. The more rare turquoise is set in 14k yellow gold bezels on sterling patterned leaf bands…find them in the shop this weekend!



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