Rock Appreciation Day

Alright folks, so the stone for this month is Picture or Landscape Jasper. There are several different types from many regions of the USA and other countries. I’ve been using these in my “Towards Mountains” pieces because of their amazing and completely natural landscapes with horizon lines.

*As a side note I won’t be going into mine or mineral detail tonight as I’m quite sick with a cold. I’ve been under the covers all day drinking tea and eating lemons trying to recoop as fast as possible! It’ll just be pictures for this Appreciation Day.

I’m not an expert or lapidary artist, the lines between these different jasper types blur pretty easily. There are two more sought after types that are easier to identify. Biggs and Deschutes. I have no examples of Deschutes, in all honesty it isn’t one of my favourites because I’ve only seen them with a full brown spectrum instead of the gray/blue for sky. This type will usually have little dark dendrite (plant fossil) like blemishes. They’ll look like little sprigs of dark grass amongst the hills in the stone. Biggs Blue Jasper, especially old stock, is beautiful. It will usually have cool tones to it, either towards the top of where a stone is most often cut to mimic the sky, or throughout all the colouring. These cool tones are rich and deep in saturation. These are the lovely Biggs cabs I currently have:



A couple past creations using Picture Jasper~



Another recognizable picture jasper is Palomino Jasper. This always reminds me of Mt. Olympus where the Greek Gods dwell, this stone type is always so dramatic…


Goodies with picture jasper currently in the shop are the Towards Mountains ring and the Rolling Hills mini ring, each with a different type of picture jasper…


Each picture jasper is always so unique, and the older Biggs jasper is getting real hard to find. Using these in jewelry pieces is truly like framing a painting! My all time favourite picture jasper is from my first Towards Mountains ring that has sold…



Well that’s it this time ladies & gents. As always all the cabs seen are up for grabs! Sorry for the lack of information for this one, I am a pile of sniffles today. The next one will be more in depth! In the meantime, enjoy the MONTH LONG SALE in each Etsy shop!

xx Sniffly Stray Arrow


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