The Woodlands…

Last weekend I was able to go the Intertribal powwow I attend every Fall. This year, I had a grand surprise-a vendor had a large amount of drilled, cut and polished wampum! I picked out several pairs and some with double holes for necklaces. All that you see below is all that there’ll be! The man who carved this wampum is no longer able to do so~



From these beautiful pieces I have made a few earrings. I’ve noticed that, on the whole, only the most exquisite of turquoise grades are used in gold jewelry. There is hardly any turquoise or wampum jewelry out there that pairs with gold or gemstones. This is a minor start to turning this around, as some wampum and turquoise is just as nice as all those fancy diamonds *in my humble opinion*. These two pairs of shoulder duster earrings swing low and loud. They have lush plum wampum, delectable green emeralds, and blackened silver chains for a unique high end look.


Other goods coming to the Etsy shop are mini cuties in the ever popular Rustic Arrow genre. They include a Triple Arrow Chevron stacker ring made to order in your size, and sweet little Arrow Vane chevron studs.


Three gemstone stackers will be joining the Woodlands pieces. Natural sapphires do not always come in blues. The rose cut gems in these sparkle in brilliant white, lazy soft yellow, and fierce cadmium hues. Set within true 14k yellow gold bezels, the sterling backings and bands have been darkened for the ultimate contrast and rustic appeal. Ready to go in US sizes 4 3/4, 6, and 7. Not your size? Just ask for a custom one, I have more on hand! For those with upcoming events, or those who just need any excuse to dote on themselves, there are the Black Needle Dangles. These post earrings feature hand sawed and textured leaf shapes with dangling black tourmalinated teardrop rutile quartz gemstones. They have a rich, subtle, and all around elegant feel to them.






xx Stray Arrow


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