A Phalange Filled Week and some Arrow-Garble

Some rings have been added to the Etsy shop today-and a few more are coming tomorrow! The majority of the newer pieces from the last post are now in the Muses Window Boutique on Main St., in Concord, MA. Joining them were some main pieces of the Etsy shop (snooze you loose!) including the Thunderbirds and Turquoise bird dangles, as well as all turtles. These sweet little wampum dangles also made their way into the boutique…



In the Etsy shop tomorrow will be these two fat cats, as well as the Turquoise Compass Ring (size 7 1/4)-I know, I know. It has been a long time coming, but it’ll finally make it’s appearance tomorrow!





I normally only post about stone or jewelry related things on the blog, but I know many people like to share, and share, and over share. To change things up a tish, how’s about a little music sharing? I’ve been listening to the Milk Carton Kids (they’re a throw back to Simon&Garfunkel and Donovan), and The Devil Makes Three-who are officially the best Bluegrass band with an edge to rock out in your car to. No, really. Do NOT let the term “Bluegrass” scare you away from a listen, this three piece plays raw and dirty music with lyrics that dig down deep into untapped themes. Being a very short person, I’ve decided to make their song, “Ten Feet Tall“, my theme song. One band I’ve been completely enthralled with (and admit though they’re growing in popularity VERY fast I’d only heard about them last week) is Of Monsters and Men, from Iceland. They’re music video for their single “Little Talks” captured me with all of their interwoven mythological references (two headed ravens, fire birds, and Krackens, anyone?). They smartly used them all to make their own mythology to explain their song through visuals. Not to mention, the song itself is all bounce&groove! How could they not be found adorable? I’m loving the little legs on the band members.

xx Stray Arrow


2 thoughts on “A Phalange Filled Week and some Arrow-Garble

  1. I love Of Monsters and Men! I will have to check out The Devil Makes Three, as we are headed on the road next week. I am going to do my very best to make a detour to Cole’s Hill to see the National Day of Mourning plaque.

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