Royston Conquest in the Treasure Chest….

Isn’t it wonderful how there are always new goodies to share? I’ve recently acquired a vast amount of beautiful, natural, turquoise from the Royston Mine, Southwest…

~Royston Turquoise Mine~

Royston is actually a district that contains 3 different mines in Nevada. Royston mines, along with the Pilot Mountain mine, are known for their extreme color variations. Blues, greens, rusty bronze browns and dark colors spin together with or without matrixes to make these lovely stones look like landscapes. This rare turquoise is still being mined today and continues to be one of the most popular.

***all cabs below are great quality, no pits,

and currently all are up for grabs!***

for extreme stone detail-double click on a picture. please excuse the working hands…

this lovely especially is of very high quality, and features a stunning colouring and patterns:

the darlings below are great for matching (earrings or gauges):

The Royston Mine is similar to the pilot Mountain, Crow Springs/Bluebird, and Ajax Mines in that they all have some serious variation in colours, patterns, and quality. They are all roughly around the same area and the more variation on one stone, the more desired.




Other new turquoise conquests have led me to matching pairs! These NATURAL BEAUTIES are from the White Buffalo Mine in Tonopah Nevada, and the Nacozari Mine in Sonora, Mexico. The round Nacozari pair would be perfect for any gauges 00 gauge or larger, or just huge statement earrings….all of these pairs are perfect for dangling earrings or hoops, see examples below that are in the GaugedbyStasia Etsy shop,

the White Buffalo hoops have already sold and are being worn with love ❤




In other news, two new pieces have been added to the Shop today~

a sweet little pair of wampum studs, and a new necklace featuring wampum and Kings Manassa Mine turquoise…

the “West of the Woodlands” necklace

a blending of Woodlands Native (wampum) and Southwestern Native (turquoise)…

~*more jewelry coming next weekend*~

xx StrayArrow


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